• It can be tough to know exactly when to change your locks. Some people err on the side of caution, changing them when there is even the most remote risk of someone unauthorized having a key. Others throw caution to the wind and skip the change even when the risk is high. To strike a reasonable balance, here are 6 times when you simply MUST change (or, more accurately, re-key) your locks.

    Employee Change

    If your gardener, house cleaner, or babysitter quits or is fired, go ahead and re-key your locks, even if your key was returned. It is always possible that the person made a copy, and it is simply not worth even that small risk.

    If you are a business owner, it is also a good practice to re-key your locks when an employee leaves. This will protect you, the company, and your other employees from the small chance of a disgruntled employee coming back with a copy of the key.

    Moving In

    Moving into a new home or office is one of the times that you should always re-key the locks. You don’t know how many copies of the key may be floating around with people you have never met. Moving into a new neighborhood creates the risk for crimes of opportunity, since you don’t yet have your bearings or relationships with the neighbors, so err on the side of caution.

    Tenant Move-Out

    If you are a landlord, re-key the locks after a tenant moves out. There is no guarantee that you got back every copy of the key, and you owe it to your other residents and the new occupant of that space to ensure that no one unauthorized can get inside.


    If your home or office was broken into, re-key the locks immediately. It is impossible to know if the burglar ended up with a copy of the key, and there is no point in taking a chance.


    Although it may sound like overkill, the high emotions involved in a divorce or the breakup of a long-term relationship can cause people to do dumb things. Remove the temptation to steal important documents or your most prized possessions by simply re-keying the locks.

    Lost Key

    This is really a judgement call. If you accidentally flush your key down the toilet, or lose it in a far-flung city and it is not attached to anything bearing your address, the odds of someone using it are virtually zero. On the other hand, if you lose it in your yard, or in a nearby parking lot along with your driver’s license, the risks are much greater. In general, if there is a reasonable chance that someone could find the key and figure out which house or office it goes to, re-key the locks.

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