• What are some common types of locks?

  • Locks come in many different types, from simple interior locks to complex high security styles. Many people choose a variety of locks to meet different needs. Here are a few of the most common:

    • Doorknob Locks: These are the simple flip locks often found on bedroom and bathroom doors. They are relatively easy to bypass and should never be used as the sole line of defense on an exterior door.
    • Deadbolts: These come in various styles, some more secure than others, and are the primary form of defense for most American homes.
    • Rim Latch Locks: Rim latch locks have one huge advantage: they automatically lock the door when it is closed. They should not be used as the sole lock on an exterior door, but are an extremely helpful addition in some situations.
    • Rim and Mortise Locks: Although they have different hardware, these two types of locks are used interchangeably on commercial doors and some glass doors.
    • Lever Handle Locks: These locks are relatively easy to operate, are generally ADA compliant, and are frequently used for interior doors in commercial buildings.
    • Cam Locks: Cam locks are frequently found on mailboxes and filing cabinets. They are not incredibly secure, but act as a deterrent to crimes of opportunity.
    • Padlocks: Padlocks are not permanently attached to any structure, giving them portability and a wide range of uses. Their size and strength generally determines their level of security.

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