• It’s a terrible feeling to arrive at your home or car to discover that you don’t have your keys. You may have locked them inside or lost them. After you get over the initial shock of being locked out of your home or car, follow these steps.

    Ensure Your Key Is Actually Missing

    being locked-out

    Take a deep breath and look for your key again. Make sure that it didn’t fall somewhere nearby or get caught in a purse pocket that you ordinarily wouldn’t keep it in. Sometimes we think our keys are missing when they are simply misplaced. Taking a deep breath and relaxing before looking again for the key will lower your anxiety about being locked out. If you don’t find it the second time, you can still follow these steps.

    Remember Spare Keys

    Do you keep a spare key in a hidden rock or in some other strategic place in case you get locked out of your home or car? Try to think about any place that you might have a spare key. This may even include a nearby friend or family member you gave a key to. It’s worth giving them a call to see if they have a key you can use to re-enter your property. If you have pets, remember to call your dog or cat sitter, as they are very likely to have a copy of your key for last minute pet sitting requests.

    Check for Open Windows or Doors

    Even the most diligent person can forget to lock a window or a door. If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, walk around your home and try to open each door and window to double check that you locked them. It’s possible that you can find an open window to go through this way. Just remember that this behavior can look suspicious to those who don’t know you, so make sure to only attempt this at your own home and not a friend’s.

    Find a Safe Place to Wait

    If, after everything you’ve tried, you still can’t get into your home or vehicle, make sure that you find a safe place to wait. If you’re alone at night in a parking lot, it might be worth trying to return to the restaurant you were at before calling a professional locksmith. If you don’t feel safe waiting outside of your home, ask a friendly neighbor if you can wait with them until the locksmith arrives.

    Call a Professional Locksmith

    After all of these steps, you should call a professional locksmith if you are still locked out of your home or car. Because of the prevalence of locksmith scams, where criminals pretend to be locksmiths to gain access to your home, you must make sure that you call an established locksmith company who is licensed and insured to do the job. They’ll have fair prices and a website that makes it clear that they are professionals. It’s not worth the risk to waste your time calling anyone else.

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