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  • Locksmith Advantages over Car Dealer

    Lost your car keys? Stuck with broken keys in ignition lock? Left your keys inside the car and locked out without any spare to get in? These emergency situations with your car can be very annoying not to mention stressful too. And especially if you are using car models that use high security keys with latest technology, you cannot just call on any service provider to fix issues with your car keys [...]

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    Panic Bars Installation Services Austin

    Panic bars are emergency exit hardware devices that also go by the names of crash bar or a push bar. These devices are common features on the exit doors of busy commercial spaces like office buildings, malls, banks, schools, movie theatres, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants etc. These emergency exit devices are absolutely recommended if you have locks that gets deactivated during power [...]

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    Mortise Locks Installation Austin Texas

    A mortise lock comprises of many parts – main lock body, lock trim, strike plate and keyed cylinder that has many notches and levers. This locking device fits into a deep pocket drilled within the crevices of the door. The complex internal structure serves to make it more secure against lock picking method. In order to install a mortise lock, be sure that your door has a minimum width of 1.75 [...]

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    Improving office security with security cameras

    Security Camera Installation for your Business Whether you own a small or a medium business or a retail shop, convenience store or a large enterprise, all your efforts are focused on taking your company forward while running your day to day operations smoothly and efficiently. Is that making the safety and security of your business taking a backseat? As a business owner, it is your [...]

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    Is it time to replace your locks?

    Security experts believe that you must change or replace your locks on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the security of your property by controlling the distribution of spare keys. At one point or another, we all have handed out our extra pair of keys to give easy access to friends, families and even relatively unknown third party like may be your maintenance guy. Even if you are confident [...]

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    Smart Ways to Hide Your Spare House Keys

    Hiding spare keys in common, convenient places give burglars an easy access too. While the practice of hiding spare keys is risky in itself but many people still do it to avoid an emergency lockout if they happen to lose or misplace their keys. And if you must hide a spare key, why make a burglar’s job easy? As opposed to breaking and entering, using a spare key is the easiest and the most [...]

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    Your door locks are a critical line of defense between your home or business and a potential unwanted intruder, so it only makes sense to ensure that they’re well maintained and in good working order. When properly maintained, door locks should last for about 20 years before they require replacement. But there are certain situations where you may need to have them replaced prior to this point. [...]

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    How to Find a Quality Locksmith

    Most people will need a locksmith at some point in their life. There are a variety of reasons the services of a locksmith might be needed. A few include getting into your home or car after being locked out. You may also want to install new locks for heightened security for your home or business.  Finding a company that can provide quick service as well as quality products is important to the [...]

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