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What to do when your car key breaks off in the door lock or in the ignition lock? It is best not to try pulling and removing broken key pieces on your own to prevent any further damage. Without proper tools and experience, you may end up with a damaged ignition switch that may require costly repair or replacement. Texas Premier Locksmith offers affordable and seamless broken car key extraction in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (972) 301-2292 today.

Sometimes an old, worn-out key can snap in the ignition. It can also get stuck in the ignition lock and simply won’t turn. Car keys can also break due to a fault in the lock switch or when you have turned the key using too much force or too fast. When this happens you need to call an experienced locksmith who can carefully extract the broken fragments without causing any damage to the cylinder. If you need a new key, we can immediately cut you a replacement key and code it to your car’s ECU panel right on the spot. We will also check if the key has broken off due to a problem with the ignition lock and if that is the case, we have the expertise to repair or replace the ignition.

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With broken keys stuck in the ignition, you should only trust a professional and experienced locksmith as there is always a risk of damaging the ignition lock cylinder, if the job is not done right. Removing keys from ignition is a fragile process that needs right tools and an experienced hand to pull out every piece that is stuck inside. Why should you call us for broken car key extraction in Dallas, TX? We will carry out the removal process with extreme care and precision to avoid even the slightest damage the door lock or the ignition system. We have fully insured and licensed locksmiths who are experts in replacing broken keys and remotes and cutting spare keys. Whether you have a transponder key, laser cut key or switchblade, we offer on the spot replacement and programming services for all kinds of car keys and remote fobs.