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If you are responsible for providing door control access for a business or organization, you know how challenging it can be to design a safe and secure system that is also user-friendly and cost effective. Texas Premier Locksmith now offers the VIZpin door access control system to our customers across the state of Texas.

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What Is VIZpin?

VIZpin is a cloud-based control access system that works by smartphone. Users need only download and register the app, and you can send them digital keys. The app features a user-friendly portal that needs no special training. You can mount the long-range Bluetooth controllers in a safe location inside your building, well away from both weather hazards and would-be vandals or burglars.

VIZpin offers a number of advantages over other door access control systems:


You can grant and revoke access anytime, from anywhere. VIZpin keys can be set up to work until revoked, or to expire automatically at a designated time. Because VIZpin relies on Bluetooth technology, it works even when the cell network is not available. Users do not have to remember a PIN number or carry a fob or access card.


Fobs, access cards, and PIN numbers are tempting for users to share. Few people are willing to loan out their cell phones, though, making VIZpin a more secure option. Unlike many other types of access control for doors, VIZpin is not only encrypted, but bypasses the local network altogether, making it impossible to hack.


VIZpin provides the advantages of a fully managed access control system at the same price point as a secure keypad lock. Without ISP or network costs, and with all upgrades available through the cloud, VIZpin is truly an affordable choice.

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If you are responsible for commercial door access control, let Texas Premier Locksmith walk you through the VIZpin system and help you determine whether it is right for you. Simply give us a call today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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Texas Locksmith License #B17236