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What Do locksmiths Use To Unlocks Cars ?

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What Do locksmiths Use To Unlocks Cars ?

At one time, those who locked their keys in the car could often retrieve them with nothing more than a bent coat hanger and a bit of skill. Today, though, it is far trickier to gain entry to a locked car thanks to modern technology and security systems. Fortunately, locksmiths have access to special tools that allow them to gain entry without damaging your car. These include:

Wedge and Probe

The ideal way to open a car is with the help of a soft or inflatable wedge. The wedge is pushed into the space between the door and the door frame, and then carefully adjusted to create just enough space to insert a probe.

The type of probe will depend on the type of door locks your car has. A simple rod can be used to push the button that unlocks the doors, but some cars lack this feature. A probe with a hook can be used on other types of locks, such as side sliders.

Closed Doorway Tools

A Slim Jim used to be the most common way to open locked cars (other than coat hangers) in the days of upright post locks. If you have an older car, or a newer one that happens to have post locks, your locksmith still might choose this tool. In addition, similar tools are now available for sliding door locks and side door locks.

To use a closed doorway tool, your locksmith will insert the tool between the window glass and the weather stripping of the door, and then carefully finesse the lock until it opens. Trying this on your own is not recommended, as there are a lot of wires and electronic components that could easily be snagged.

Lock Picking

Picking the lock may be possible, and in some cases even easier than picking a house lock. However, this is rarely done for two main reasons. One is that car locks are ever-changing, which means a great deal of trial and error for even the most experienced locksmith. Even more important, though, is the fact that picking simply will not work on a newer car with transponder technology.

Lock picking mirrors using a key, but today’s keys have transponder chips that send a signal to the car that the key is authentic. Without a transponder signal, the lock will not open. Our locksmiths can program new transponder keys, but only after the car is open and we can access the onboard computer. Therefore, lockpicking is not an option except in very specific circumstances on older vehicles.

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