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5 Easy Security Strategy Ideas to Keep You Safer

July 21, 2017


Home invasions are all too common in today’s world. Although there are innumerable sophisticated home security systems on the market, none are entirely foolproof. To further lower your risk of losing everything to a home invasion, implement these simple tips.

Avoid Obvious Hiding Places

While the goal is, of course, to prevent a burglar from gaining access to your home in the first place, it is also important to think like a burglar might once he or she is inside. Thieves know that a nightstand or dresser in the master bedroom is where jewelry, weapons, and other valuables are most commonly stored. Circumvent this by buying and installing a proper safe (make sure it’s anchored so a burglar can’t simply walk away with it). Another option is to store non-dangerous valuables (not weapons) in an unusual location, such as inside a high cabinet in a child’s bedroom. Most thieves are in a hurry and will not spend as much time searching kids’ rooms.

Use Passive Deterrents

Home security signs are readily available, even if you don’t actually have a security system, and can make a highly effective passive deterrent. Other ideas include motion-sensitive lights around doors and even a Beware of Dog sign. Some women living alone like to keep men’s work boots, a large dog food dish, and a big leash on the patio to give the impression that both a big dog and a big man may be present. Remember that most burglars look for the easiest target, and may not find it worth the trouble of finding out just how well-protected your home actually is.

Hide the Alarms

Security alarms are most commonly placed just inside the front door of the home. However, if there are nearby windows, it can be a simple matter for a would-be intruder to break the window and shut off the alarm. Increase your alarm’s effectiveness by putting it somewhere that is completely out of reach until someone is fully inside your home.

Move the Hidden Keys

That key under the mat or in a rock-shaped container in the flowerbed may make things easier for your forgetful child or spouse, but it is also a gift to a would-be intruder. Burglars know exactly where and how homeowners tend to hide keys, so change up your tactics. Consider switching to a keyless deadbolt, giving the spare key to a trusted neighbor, or other solutions that don’t involve hiding a key on your property. If you must hide one, look around carefully for the least likely spot you can find, and place it there.

Think Through Vacation Strategies

Most people know that in addition to having mail held or picked up, they should also use technology to show signs of life in their home while they’re away. But many do things that simply don’t make sense. Setting a timer to play loud rock music at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday when you’re normally asleep or to turn on lights in rooms you rarely use could be a giveaway to a burglar who has been casing your neighborhood. Think through your normal daily routine and use technology to mirror it.

Although there is no way to guarantee that you will never be the victim of a home invasion, a good home security system coupled with a sensible plan of action can go a long way towards lowering your risks. Start with the tips above, and then take a look around to see if you can identify any more ways to improve your home security plan.

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