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What Is A Laser Cut Key?

September 22, 2021


Person holding a laser cut car key

Laser-cut keys are becoming increasingly popular in the automobile world. They’ve been around since the 1990s but were primarily reserved for the most high-end models. Now, they are becoming more and more popular on all makes and models as they offer a greater sense of security and other benefits to the owner. 

So, what is a laser-cut key? And what sets it apart from other car keys? 

Laser Cut Key vs. Standard Cut Key

Both of these keys get you into your automobile and will start the ignition. But standard cut keys use a regular cutting machine that carves out each side of the key (to match). They are simple to cut and can be done at just about any place that cuts keys. 

A laser-cut key is different. The cut is not on the sides, but rather straight down the middle. These keys are often thicker and more durable than regular standard keys. And most come with a transponder chip system that is programmed to your specific car. 

Laser-cut keys require special computerized machines and a high level of precision to get the key just right. Even the tiniest difference between cuts can cause a key to be invalid. 

Benefits of a Laser Cut Key

As we said, laser-cut keys are no longer just for high-end vehicles. More manufacturers are using them because they come with a variety of benefits. One of the top being the increased level of security. 

Laser-cut keys make it difficult for your lock to be picked. If someone is trying to steal your car, they are going to need some serious gear to do so. Car thieves can usually get into a car designed for a standard cut key in a matter of moments. But not so much for those that use laser-cut keys. This is a great deterrent when it comes to theft. In addition, many of these keys come with transponders in the car key itself. When the ignition is started, it looks for the signal from the transponder to make sure it is a match. If not? The ignition will shut off. 

Finally, if you have ever walked into a large parking lot, forgetting where you parked, then you know how easy it is to walk up to a car that may – or may not – be yours. What are the odds that your key would work in that stranger’s car? For standard cut keys, the odds are pretty decent, but for laser cut keys, you aren’t likely taking anybody’s car but your own. Laser keys are nearly 10 times less likely to be a match than standard keys. 

Texas Premier Locksmith For All Your Key Cutting Needs

If you are in need of a laser-cut key, you may find that they are difficult and expensive if you head to the dealership. And, not all locksmiths offer this service due to the level of expertise required. 

At Texas Premier Locksmith, we can handle your laser cut key needs with ease, as well as all your key cutting needs – auto, residential, and commercial. 

With locations in Austin, College Station, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Killeen, Longview, San Marcos, Temple, Tyler, Waco, and their surrounding areas — you will never be locked out without a key again. 

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