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5 Services You Didn’t Know Your Locksmith Offered

September 15, 2021


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When you think of a locksmith, there is a really good chance that the first thing that comes to mind is getting locked out of your car or your house. And, for good reason. Locksmiths are always the heroes in those salutations, relieving us of a desperate situation in a matter of minutes. 

Did you know that locksmiths are capable of so much more? It’s true. Their level of expert knowledge and ability goes far beyond any basic lockout service. 

Here are 5 locksmith services you didn’t know were available. 

1. Alarm Services

Who better to trust protecting your home or business than the person who knows just how to get in it? Locksmiths are trained security experts who know the weakest areas of your structure and have the tools to give you the best level of protection imaginable. That’s right – locksmiths offer alarm services for both residential and commercial customers. 

Alarm installation includes assessing your situation to find the right manufacturer to fit your needs, as well as the installation, repair, and monitoring of that system. Locksmiths go above and beyond, offering all levels of high-tech security alarms, including cameras, motion detectors, and more. 

2. Panic Buttons

Many people have only seen panic buttons in the movies. It is always the same situation – someone is in distress, the panic button is secretly hit to call for law enforcement, and help arrives to save the day. It shows you just how beneficial it can be to have a panic button. But, who really knows where to get one? 

Locksmiths are the experts that know how to install these panic buttons anywhere you need them, whether in a commercial or residential setting. Regardless of your reason for having one, they are a great addition to any security system.  

3. Commercial Door Control Access

If you have ever thought about stepping up the security at your business with a door control access system using personal cell phones, call a locksmith. These systems use a secure app and digital key that are downloaded, removing the need for physical keys, fobs, access cards, or PIN numbers that can land in the wrong hands. Access can be granted or revoked in a matter of moments – anywhere and at any time. 

This cost-effective solution for your business can be set up easily by a locksmith. 

4. Garage Door Repair Services

Having a garage door that does not work is not only an inconvenience, but it is also detrimental to your home’s security. Garage doors get stuck open, leaving your valuables vulnerable. Or, they lock you out, keeping you from accessing your own belongings. 

When your garage door goes awry, you need a garage door repair company. But did you know that a locksmith is able to perform these repairs, too? Except, instead of focusing on one brand, locksmiths are able to handle the installation and repair of all brands of garage doors. That’s a score for you!

5. Safe Services

Many businesses use safes to protect money and important documents against things like theft and fire. The same holds true for residents, too. But, depending on what you use it for, there is a good chance you don’t access your safe all that often. This makes it easy to find yourself locked out without the code. Or perhaps your lock has been busted or the key code has been compromised. Whatever the situation, locksmiths have the knowledge and skills to handle all types of locks – including safes and gun cabinets. 

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