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8 Things All Great Locksmiths Have in Common

January 5, 2018


Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a locksmith? Are you interested in becoming a locksmith yourself, or just curious what draws people to the job? Here a few things that all truly great locksmiths have in common.

Manual Dexterity

Locksmiths spend most of their time working with their hands and fiddling with small tools. A decent working knowledge of mechanical principles is useful, but that can be taught on the job. What can’t be taught are innate dexterity and a passion for using your hands to solve problems.

Curiosity and Puzzle-Solving

Locksmiths are constantly solving problems, from deducing what might be wrong with a malfunctioning lock to rekeying a car’s ignition. If you have a natural curiosity and good puzzle-solving skills, locksmithing might be for you. The ability to think outside the box is a related, and very necessary, skill, as it will be your job to assess each situation and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of different security solutions.

Patience and Determination

Not all puzzles are easily solved, and not all locks are easily picked. A good locksmith has the patience to stay with a challenge for a long time, and the determination to solve it. Resiliency goes hand in hand with determination. You should be methodical and persistent, and willing to try different solutions until you find the one that works.

Ethics and Good Judgment

Locksmiths have access to deeply personal aspects of people’s lives, as well as to expensive homes and cars. It is absolutely essential for a good locksmith to have a strong moral compass and the ability to use good professional judgment in all parts of the job.

People Skills

Locksmiths see people at their worst. No one enjoys being locked out of their home or car, especially late at night. A good locksmith is affable, easygoing, and capable of putting people at ease.

Love of Learning and Spirit of Competition

The security industry is constantly evolving, with new high-tech products released at seeming lightning speed. A good locksmith must enjoy learning new skills and different ways of doing things, and must constantly strive to be better than the competition.

Strong Planning Abilities

As security technology evolves, so do customers’ needs. What works best for home security with a five-year-old may be very different than the needs of a family with a teenager. A good locksmith forges long-term professional relationships with customers, and is able to anticipate those customers’ changing security needs. The ability to plan ahead is vital for any locksmith.

Night Owl Tendencies

Not every locksmith works the overnight shift, but 24-hour service is critical. Those who are able to fully function and think clearly late at night will find many opportunities to ply their trade, offering emergency services during the hours that most people are fast asleep.

If you are thinking of becoming a locksmith, or are simply curious what the job requires, take a good look at the traits listed above. Not every locksmith possesses every single trait on the list, but the best possess most or all of them.

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