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How to Choose a Reputable Locksmith Company

March 1, 2017


Protecting Yourself

Get recommendations and/or read reviews: Ask friends and relatives if they have personal experience with any local locksmiths. Also check with the Better Business Bureau and read online reviews.

  • Call ahead: Make sure the locksmith answers the phone with the same business name that appears online. Be especially wary of any company that uses a generic title like “locksmith services.”
  • Ask questions: While on the phone, ask for an estimate, along with any additional fees such as mileage. Also request that the company send a locksmith who is licensed in your state. Ask about insurance in case of accidental damage to your home or vehicle.
  • Check credentials: When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification and a copy of his or her professional license and insurance.
  • Confirm the estimate: Ask for a written copy of the estimate before work begins. If it differs significantly from the phone estimate, ask for an explanation. If you are not fully satisfied, do not allow the work to commence.
  • Provide your identification: Reputable locksmiths know how important it is to ensure that you are actually authorized to have work performed. Be wary of any locksmith who does not ask for ID.
  • Read before you sign: Always read any authorization form, invoice, or other document that you might be given to sign. Never sign anything with blank spaces—insist that they be filled in first.

Common Locksmith Scams

The precautions listed above should protect you from most disreputable locksmiths. Still, scams are rampant in this industry, so it is important to always be on your guard. Here are some of the most common locksmith scams:

  • Spoofing a local phone number: This can give you the impression that you are talking to a local business, when you’re actually being redirected to a call center who knows where. Paying attention to reviews and confirming the business name can help to avoid this scam.
  • Posing as another company: This scam involves using a similar name to a reputable, legitimate locksmith and hoping customers don’t catch on. Double check both the name and address to avoid this scam.
  • Bait and switch pricing: This is why it is crucial to ask for estimates both on the phone and in person. Some disreputable locksmiths quote a very low price and then tack on all sorts of additional fees.
  • Lock drilling: Drilling out the lock should be a last resort, after multiple attempts to pick it have failed, and the locksmith should be able to explain why it is necessary. Dishonest locksmiths like to jump straight to drilling the lock and then charge you for an expensive replacement.

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