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Everything You Need to Know About Smartlocks

June 21, 2019


With smartphones, smart thermostats, and smart TVs, it’s only natural to want to install a new smartlock at your home or office right away. While there are plenty of amazing things about smartlocks, many people don’t understand how smartlocks work and whether installing one is a good choice for their homes. Here are some of the things you should know about smartlocks if you ever consider buying one.

smart locks for doors

Need to Prepare Your Door

Not all doors can support a smartlock. Depending on which model you choose, the door will need to meet certain specifications in order to install the smartlock. You need a door that’s thick enough to accommodate the smartlock. A door that’s slightly off balance and requires you to push or shift it to lock it won’t work with a smartlock. The deadbolt must also be able to fully extend into the door jamb.

Choose One With Its Own Deadbolt

You can buy a smartlock that works with your existing deadbolt or you can replace your door’s deadbolt with the one from the smartlock. Whenever there is a choice, you want to choose a model that has its own deadbolt. This will work better with the smartlock system and provide better security than retrofit models.

How to Access the Lock

Different smartlocks offer varying ways of opening the door. This includes smartphone app, fob, and passwords. Some access types are typically more expensive than others. You will need to consider how you want to access the lock, how many people need access, and your budget. If you have a very large family, buying separate key fobs for each family member might not be feasible.

Added Convenience, Not Always Security

A smartlock isn’t necessarily more secure than a traditional deadbolt. Smartlocks do provide added convenience. Whether you have family that arrives sooner to your house than you expected or a preteen who walked home from school, the ability to use a passcode or remotely open the door is extremely convenient. You won’t have to worry about hiding a key that could get lost or making arrangements in advance to give the key to a loved one.

Wide Range of Available Options

There are many smartlocks available, to the standalone smartlock for your front door to an integrated system that works with your security system. Be realistic about your budget and what features you need to find the right smartlock. You don’t want to pay for a more expensive smartlock if it doesn’t offer any added benefits.

A smartlock can be an investment in modernity and convenience. As smartlocks become more prevalent, they may go down in price to be more affordable. You can choose a smartlock built into a door or a retrofitted model.

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