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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Make a Car Key in Texas?

September 22, 2020


Are you in need of a new key for your car? Whether you lost your key or you need a spare set made, an automotive locksmith can handle this task, and for less than you’ll pay at the dealership. If you’ve ever asked the dealership about the cost of getting a replacement car key, you’ve probably been shocked at the price you were quoted. Perhaps you decided you can get by with just your spare set of keys. But if you’ve lost your only set of keys, you’re facing an emergency situation. 

Don’t get pressured into paying dealership prices for replacement car keys. Call a locksmith instead. 

What Determines Locksmith Pricing For Replacement Car Keys?

By now you’re probably wondering, how much does a locksmith cost to make a car key in Texas? The answer is: it depends. There are many different factors that affect the average price of locksmith services, such as: 

  • The Type of Key. Even the most basic car keys these days are laser cut, meaning the key shape is cut into the side. This makes it more difficult to duplicate, which is a security feature. Other types of keys are even more intricate, involving computer chips embedded in the head of the key to ensure that the engine only starts with the official key present. Fobik Keys are complicated to duplicate as well, because they don’t even resemble a traditional key. The more specialized the key type, the more expensive it will be to duplicate. 
  • Your Car’s Manufacturer. Different manufacturers use different types of keys and key technology. Some makes and models of cars will have keys that are more difficult to duplicate. They do this for security reasons and to try and ensure that customers come to the dealership for key services. But a locksmith can almost always duplicate the key for less. 
  • Your Geographic Location. Locksmiths set and adjust their pricing to stay competitive with other locksmiths in the area. Where you live will have an impact on the average price for car key duplication. Locksmiths in large cities may quote higher prices than those in small towns. Locksmith services in one state may cost more or less than the same services in another state. 

What is the Average Price Range for Car Key Duplication in Texas?

The average price for car key duplication in Texas can range anywhere from $95 for basic laser cut keys and up to $425 for proximity keys and Fobik keys. The actual price you will pay within that range will depend greatly on the type of key you need to have replaced or duplicated. 

Are There Other Benefits to Calling a Locksmith for Key Duplication? 

Besides the lower cost of car key services, there are other advantages an automotive locksmith offers over car dealerships, such as:

  • Locksmiths Work with All Makes and Models. Rather than trying to find a dealership in your area that services cars of your make and model, your local automotive locksmith can replace or duplicate all manufacturers’ keys. 
  • Faster Turnaround Time. Dealerships often have to send away for a new key for your car, especially when computer chips are involved. You may be waiting a while for your new key, which is incredibly inconvenient if you don’t have a spare key. A locksmith can usually replace or duplicate your key the same day. 

Texas Premier Locksmith Specializes in Automotive Key Services

If you’re looking for a local Texas locksmith who can replace or duplicate your car keys, Texas Premier Locksmith can help. You’ll find our services to be much more affordable and faster than your local dealership. Whether you have a car key emergency or you just need a spare set of keys for your own peace of mind, we are here for you. 
Call (866) 948-8188 today or request a quote. We look forward to helping you get a new set of car keys for less.