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How Much Does IT Cost To Replace a Car Key in Texas?

May 16, 2022


Isolated car key and remote lock device

The cost of replacing a car key in Texas depends on several factors. What kind of key? Is there a part of a key broken into your lock? Is it possible to repair your current key? What kind of lock are you trying to open? Is this an emergency? Does your key have a fob or chip? 

Skilled and experienced locksmiths can replace most keys in most scenarios or situations. For immediate emergency help, call 866-948-8188 to get the process started right away. Otherwise, read on to examine the different methods used to replace your key that dictate the cost of your key replacement and then also learn about some alternatives to replacing your key that might be a little more wallet-friendly.

Taking a Lock Impression

You should only trust licensed and insured locksmiths with key replacements. From a customer’s standpoint, the most desirable way would be for the locksmith professional to take an impression of the lock so that you can have a reasonable key replacement created. A blank key is inserted and spun to forge a pin impression, and the impression is used to create and cut a replica key. Once cooled, the new key should function almost as seamlessly as the original. Lock impressions are the less costly of the two popular methods used today.

New Key Based on Code

Generating a new key based on the code would be the more expensive of the two methods frequently necessary to help customers with key replacements. Every lock has a slew of characters and digits that dictate the unique key design required to open that particular lock. While some are similar, no two are alike. Very skilled locksmiths can recollect the key code necessary to make the perfect key by using work keys or even broken keys. The pricy and high-end master locks often come with key cards that you should stow away in the firebox, and the cards tell the locksmith the exact combination so you can have perfect replicas created.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a key card and straight-up lose your key, that will be the most costly issue you’ll deal with regarding a key replacement. The experienced locksmiths at Texas Premier can take a lock apart and crack the key code necessary to forge a good key for you. In some scenarios, calling the lock manufacturer may be in order. We recommend avoiding this method unless all other options have been exhausted.

Other Options

Don’t want to have a key made? Try breaking into whatever you’re trying to unlock. Locksmiths can help you break into your equipment if you think that’s a more reasonable option. Sometimes it’s less costly to replace whatever you’re breaking into than going through the trouble of having a key repaired or replacement made. For example, you can purchase small safes or fireboxes for less than $50, depending on size. If we’re talking about getting into your home or car, this isn’t going to be an option.  

Regardless of your situation, you can call the pros at Texas Premier Locksmith to get a quote today!