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Locked Out of Your Car? Don’t Mangle a Hanger, Call a Locksmith!

January 7, 2016


In decades past, cars used to have push button locks.  That little prong sticking up, just out of reach behind glass, tempted many people who were locked out to unbend a metal coat hanger and try to work their way in.  They would pry back the rubber waterproof strip at the top of the door, shove and wriggle the wire inside, and try to snag the door lock.  Sometimes, they even succeeded.  You might think you can do it, too.  Hey, if it worked for your Dad and Grandpa, isn’t it worth a try?

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing some damage and still having to call a locksmith.  For one thing, most modern cars unlock via a pushbutton that’s set along the side or even partially recessed in the car door itself.  The coat hanger is in many cases stiff enough to be shoved inside the door, but it’s probably too flexible to press that button in.  This is good news for car owners who want a vehicle that’s hard for thieves to get into, but bad news for someone staring through the locked car door at the ice cream that’s melting away in the daytime sun.

What if you do have an older model of car, you’re in a hurry, or money is a little tight right now?  You might be tempted to give it a try on your own anyway.  The worst that can happen is you waste a little time, right?  Well, maybe not.  It takes a fair amount of strength to get the wire into the car, and you risk the free end whipping around and hitting you, or the wire itself may break into a sharp, dangerous point.  With a little bad luck, you could end up with a serious injury and become the latest curiosity in the local emergency room.

Avoid Damage to Your Car

Another very real concern is the damage to your car itself.  The coat hanger is likely to chip the paint on the way in.  It can also damage the rubber that helps soundproof your car and keep out the rain.  Until you get that replaced, you can look forward to a noisy and possibly wet ride.  Finally, when you manage to get the coat hanger inside, you’ll probably scratch up the car’s interior as you fumble around for that evasive lock.  Opening the door yourself might take half an hour, but the damage to your car will hang around as an unwanted souvenir until you can get it repaired.

Opening a car door with a coat hanger has long been considered the ‘quick and easy’ solution to getting locked out, but it can end up costing you more than you think.  A reputable locksmith will hurry to your location and use their training and specialized tools to get your door open quickly and safely.  It’s frustrating to get locked out but, in a non-emergency situation, it’s best to let the professionals handle this. The experts at Texas Premier Locksmith are here to help. Give us a call today at (512) 893-5811 for 24/7 emergency service!