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How Locksmiths Check for Ownership During a Lockout

February 11, 2019


If you are locked out of your house, you may feel annoyed or even fearful. But what if you have no way to prove that the house you are locked out of is yours? Locksmiths are required by law to verify that you live at the residence you are attempting to access. If your ID is inside the house along with your keys, what can you do? Here are some ways that locksmiths check for ownership during a lockout.

Locksmiths Check for Ownership


Showing identification is the easiest and fastest way to prove that you live in your home. If you have recently moved and your driver’s license address does not match the address of your home, most locksmiths will accept a piece of mail such as a utility bill that shows your address, along with your photo ID. You may also be able to show a homeowner’s association ID, school ID, or other photo evidence with the correct address.

Testimony from Others

If you are unable to provide identification, the locksmith may be willing to accept the word of neighbors, at least for long enough to get you inside your home. Be prepared to find your ID as soon as you gain entry, before the locksmith leaves. If you are a renter, you can call your landlord to vouch for you. Since the landlord owns the property, he or she has the legal authority to grant you access.


If the locksmith remains unconvinced that the home is yours, he or she may decide to call the police. If this happens, remain calm and cooperative. Since locksmiths have a legal responsibility not to provide access to someone who does not live on the premises, calling the police is a form of protecting themselves. Police officers have the experience, training, and legal ability to sort out these situations, so as long as the home is yours, you can feel confident that things will quickly be resolved.

Being locked out of your home is never fun. If you do not have identification with you that proves you live in the home, it could be a bit more complicated. However, most locksmiths genuinely want to do the right thing, and will help you figure out a solution that protects them legally while giving you access to your home.

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