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Mortise Locks Installation Austin Texas

April 15, 2016


A mortise lock comprises of many parts – main lock body, lock trim, strike plate and keyed cylinder that has many notches and levers. This locking device fits into a deep pocket drilled within the crevices of the door. The complex internal structure serves to make it more secure against lock picking method. In order to install a mortise lock, be sure that your door has a minimum width of 1.75 inches or 45mm so that it can securely hold a mortise lock. And remember to always hire a professional locksmith for your mortise lock installation project.

Benefits of Installing Mortise Locks

  1. With a robust internal structure, mortise locks are virtually difficult to manipulate and pick – providing enhanced security.
  2. Possess dual locking mechanism and can be locked from either sides of the door.
  3. Available in a wide range of styles, finish and trim designs.
  4. Prefect choice if you want to add some vintage look to your home or office décor.
  5. Supports heavy hardware
  6. High on durability. Less wear and tear and requires less maintenance. In a nutshell, lasts long

Mortise Lock Installation, Repair and Replacement in Austin Texas

Cutting and installing a perfect fitting mortise locks can be a challenging task if you have not hired a professional. It requires a specialized technical skills and right machinery to do the job right. If you are looking to hire a local, professional locksmith for mortise locks installation for your home or business, Call Texas Premier Locksmith Austin.

Our technicians are experts and carry extensive experience in any type of locks installation, repair and maintenance including mortise locks. We understand the underlying complications and the damage that an improper installation can do to a lock. We are careful with typical requirements such as considering the door width and drilling a deep hole with accurate dimensions and the alignment. Our expert locksmiths will prepare the door so that the lock functions efficiently and provides the desired security. Whether you are looking to install a new mortise lock, repair a damaged one or entirely replace the worn-out withered lock with a new mortise lock set, our people can help with any of these services. What’s more, we will get you the new lock with the same dimensions as before so that your door doesn’t require new holes to accommodate the new lockset.

Leave the mortise lock installation to the professionals. Call Locksmith Austin today at 512-893-5811.

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