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Secrets of Professional Locksmiths

February 25, 2019


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a locksmith? Working in this industry day after day definitely has its reward and challenges, and we are privy to both the best and the worst of society. Here are some secrets of professional locksmiths.

Locksmith secrets

We Do Undercover Work

We know how to make keys, pick locks, and gain entry to all sorts of places. That’s why we’re a natural fit to assist the local police. Many of us enjoy the thrill of police work.

Deadbolt Installation Is Hit or Miss

Contractors do a lot of things right, but locks simply aren’t their specialty. Many times, we are called out by a homeowner to fix a lock that wasn’t installed properly in the first place. Deadbolts are among the most common culprits.

Buying a Locked Safe Is Almost Always a Waste

Who doesn’t love a good mystery, a treasure hunt, and the prospect of riches untold? If you run across an old, locked safe at a flea market or secondhand store, odds are good that it will rouse your curiosity and fire up your imagination. Before you take it home, though, come back to reality. It will likely cost you hundreds of dollars to open the safe, and the chances of finding anything inside, let alone anything valuable, are extremely remote. If you like the safe and plan to use it, and you are willing to part with the money to open it, go ahead. But if you’re expecting to find a lost fortune, back away slowly.

Stamping “Do Not Duplicate” on a Key Doesn’t Stop Duplication

A reputable locksmith will not duplicate a key that is marked in this manner, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Many “do no duplicate” keys are extremely easy to duplicate, and all it takes is an enterprising DIYer or an inattentive clerk at a big box store. Protect yourself by choosing high security locks that cannot be duplicated on standard hardware store equipment.

Common Safe Mistakes

If your safe doesn’t open, it could have a problem. Or you could be doing something wrong. The most common mistakes people make with their safes include trying to open the safe before it is unlocked, spinning the dial too quickly, and forcing it closed. Slow down, back up, and try again.

Dead Bodies Are Part of the Job

While it certainly isn’t common, locksmiths are occasionally called to gain entry into homes or apartments where the occupant has been missing for days. Sometimes they have simply left town, but sometimes the reality is far darker.

Don’t Trust Car Dealers Who Say Only They Can Make Keys

It’s true that modern computer chip keys can’t be duplicated at your local hardware store. But most automotive locksmiths have the equipment to make car keys at a fraction of the dealer price. Always call around rather than relying on what the dealer says.

This Profession Has a Lot of Scammers

Although most locksmiths are professional, reliable, and trustworthy, the profession does draw its share of scam artists. Make sure the locksmith answers the phone with an actual business name, not just “locksmith service,” and that they have a local address. Ask a few questions over the phone to weed out people who know nothing about the profession. When the locksmith arrives, check his or her ID and request a written estimate.

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