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Surprising Stats About Neighborhood Crime

April 14, 2019


There are nearly 200 burglaries per hour in the United States, or roughly 4,800 per day. Fortunately, most burglaries are opportunistic rather than premeditated, which means that taking proactive steps is the best way to protect your home and family. Here are some surprising statistics you should know about neighborhood crime.

Surprising Stats About Neighborhood Crime

Security Systems Are a Huge Deterrent

Studies show that roughly 60% of convicted burglars report choosing a different home when their first choice had a security system. A monitored home security system provides the best protection. Let would-be intruders know it’s there by making full use of the provided yard signs and window stickers. Put stickers at every entry point, not just the front door.

Most Burglaries Happen During the Day

Many people worry about a nighttime intruder, but burglars generally prefer to work during the day. There’s a better chance of the house being empty, with the occupants at work or school. Besides, it’s easier to fool the neighbors by posing as a delivery or repair person than to explain why they’re skulking around the yard at midnight. Ward off burglars with motion-activated cameras that let you check the status of your home remotely.

The Majority of Burglars Live Nearby

Don’t get paranoid about your neighbors, but most burglars strike within two miles of their own home. This makes it easy for them to learn your schedule and to pick up on signs that you’ve gone on vacation, such as trash cans sitting at the curb or an overgrown lawn. To foil them, change up your daily routine now and then, and ask a trusted neighbor or friend to look after your home while you’re out of town.

A Typical Burglary Takes Less Than Ten Minutes

Once a burglar is in your house, it’s game over. They know exactly what they want and where to find it, and they are in and out at lightning speed. That’s why it is so vital to keep them out. Develop a complete security plan to strengthen your home’s defenses.

Nearly a Third of Burglars Walk Right In

An astonishing 30% of burglars gain entry through an unlocked door or window. Make it tougher for them by always checking the locks before leaving home or going to bed. Pay especially close attention to the strength of your front and back doors and door locks, as more than half of all intruders go in through one of the main entry points.

Most People Lose Thousands

It’s tough to imagine, but in the 10 minutes or less that the average burglar spends in your home, he or she could clean you out. In fact, the average dollar value lost in home burglaries is more than $2,000. You might think that you can’t afford home security—but can you afford to lose thousands of dollars to a burglar? There are solutions for nearly every budget, and a professional locksmith will be happy to help you sort through your options.

Burglaries are not fun to think about, but knowledge is power. Understand your risks, and then work with a professional locksmith to design the right security system for your needs and budget.

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