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Tasks for Your Locksmith After You Buy a New Home

October 18, 2018


Buying a new home is both exciting and overwhelming. It likely took you some time to find just the right home, and the closing process can be long and tedious. Once you are in your new home, you are likely exhausted, and you may have a long list of things to accomplish, from repainting to unpacking. Still, it is vital not to overlook home safety and security. Here are three tasks you should have your locksmith perform as soon as possible after buying a new home.

Tasks for Your Locksmith

Change the Locks

How many people have keys to your new home? Odds are good that the previous owners have at least one key floating around. They may also have given keys to their kids, neighbors, friends, relatives, babysitter, cleaning service, and who knows how many other people. Your real estate agent may still have a key, as well as the seller’s agent. Various tradespeople were likely involved in readying the home for sale, and some of them may have keys as well.

To ensure that only the people you want to access your home are able to do so, it is crucial to have your locksmith change the locks. This is a simple and inexpensive project that serves as the first line of defense for your new home.

Perform a Home Security Assessment

Home security is constantly evolving and changing, and if the home is even a few years old, it is highly likely that there are some holes in its security. Ask your locksmith to perform a detailed inspection of all exterior doors and windows, fences, garages, outbuildings, and the like to determine whether the entire property is as secure as it can be. Even minor upgrades such as a new fence lock or a floor safe can go a long way toward improving your home security.

Advise You on Security Upgrades

Of course, modern technology provides a plethora of options for upgrading your home security. Ask your locksmith to advise you on the latest home security monitoring services, smart home security features, keyless deadbolts, and other technological features. You do not necessarily need to implement all the upgrades that are available, but it is important to know your options. Ask your locksmith for a price list for the features you are considering, and for his or her professional opinion on the most important enhancements to meet your needs.

Moving into a new home is a busy and often overwhelming time in your life. However, it is vital not to let home security slip too far down on your priority list. Form a relationship with a locksmith you can trust, and allow him or her to guide you through the home security-related tasks that come with buying a new home.

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