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Valet Keys Cutting & Programming Services Austin Texas

February 27, 2014


Valet service is a very convenient option when you are going for an important meeting or event. It can help you save you a lot of time reaching your destination. But giving someone else access to your car may pose a serious security concern. By using your car keys someone can gain access to your personal stuff and information such as your wallet, laptop or some other important documents stored in the trunk or in the gloves compartment.  It is very easy to get hold of your residential or office address by looking through your car’s registration documents or insurance proof.

But if you have a valet key, none of these concerns matter. But what is a valet key? Can it really help to minimize the security risks in trusting your car keys with a stranger? A valet key is an additional key specifically designed to unlock your car and to start the engine so that a valet assistant can drive and park your car. But a valet key will not allow the valet to unlock other sections of the car such glove box or car trunk.

Safety tips to use valet keys:

  • Make sure you are actually giving out the key a genuine, authorized valet and not someone who is pretending to be one.
  • Never pass on the entire bunch of keys to the valet.
  • If you don’t have transponder car keys, avoid giving your valet keys to prevent online duplication.
  • Don’t leave any expensive item or important documents lying around in plain sight. If you can’t carry them with you, lock them in the trunk or glove box.

Are you looking to get yourself a valet key? Auto Locksmith in Austin can help you with valet keys cutting and programming services in Austin for a far lesser amount than what a car dealership would charge. Texas Premier Locksmith in Austin specializes in providing expert auto locksmith services – Including car keys replacement, ECU programming, valet keys, spare keys, ignition repair and replacement, lockout, removing stuck keys in doors or ignition and more.