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4 Rare and Expensive Locks for Residential Properties

June 21, 2019


When it comes to purchasing a residential lock, you can expect to pay somewhere around $25 or more for a deadbolt without installation and a few dollars for padlocks. Despite the relatively low cost of locks, there is a variety of residential locks available on the market, from inexpensive to extremely rare and expensive. Here are some of the more rare and expensive that you can buy for your home.

rare and expensive locks

Medeco Locks

Medeco manufactures some of the most expensive locks in the world known for offering superior security. Medeco locks are used in many government offices because of the company’s reputation and how difficult it is to pick the locks. You can expect to pay close to $400 for a higher end model, or around $175 or so for a basic model.

Signed Locks

Some very rare locks sport the signature of the person that made the lock. Since this isn’t a widespread practice, buying a vintage signed lock could be worth more money than you invest in it. A signed lock can add a touch of history, class, and wealth to any property. You can even decide to start a lock collection with signed locks and other rare vintage locks around your home.


Lathem’s line of face recognition access control systems utilizes face recognition technology to unlock access to your home or office. While it can support up to 100 employees, in the home setting, you could use the system for very secure access from family members, housekeepers, babysitters, tutors, and other staff. These systems cost an upward of $1,000 to purchase, not to mention the higher costs of installation. You can have access to a log of who accessed your home at what time, as well as to limit when people have access. This lock system uses an ethernet connection to work. For most homes, using this technology would be unnecessary. However, it is an expensive lock that is available for residential use.

Mul-T-Lock ENTR

For a high end smartlock with luxury features, the Mul-T-Lock ENTR is an excellent choice if you can afford it. At more than $300, it is a less common lock to see in middle class residential communities. It has a biometric fingerprint reader, which increases the overall security of the lock. You can also use your smartphone to allow a contractor or family member to access your home while you’re away.

When you think of high-end luxury and rare collectibles, you may think about watches, jewelry, cars, and fine art. You can also invest in fancy residential locks. You just need to decide if you think the added security and uniqueness are worth that investment.

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