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5 Reasons to Replace a Lock

June 21, 2019


A lock can last you for decades. However, there are times when you’ll want to replace a perfectly functional lock with a new one. Here are five of the most common reasons for replacing a lock and why it makes sense to prioritize changing locks quickly in each situation.

reasons to replace house locks

Lost Keys

If you lost your keys to your home, safe, or office, you’ll want to have the lock replaced. Not only will you need a way to gain access into your home, but you also don’t want a copy of your lost key to be found by someone who will use it to enter your home. After spending a bit of time searching for the key, it might be time to call a professional locksmith to replace the lock for you.

New Home

When you purchase a new home, you’re given a key that the home’s old owners and the realtor have a copy of. This means that after you move in, they could potentially enter your home if you didn’t have the lock replaced. One of the first tasks you should accomplish as a new homeowner is replacing old locks. A house is an expensive purchase that’s worth the extra little bit of money to protect.

Recent Break-in

If your home was recently burglarized, you should have your door locks replaced immediately. Even if the burglars did not take your keys, it is possible for them to have made copies of your keys or stolen a spare key. This is true even if you have a hideaway key somewhere that appears untouched. It is better to be safer than sorry.

Someone Moved Out

If a tenant moves out of your rental property, it is time to have the locks replaced. Just like with buying a new home, having possible copies of your key floating around out there isn’t a safe option. It is a much better idea to make it part of your tenant move out process to replace the lock. You never know how many copies the tenant made to give their friends and family members.


The last thing you want to think about during a nasty divorce is the long list of to-dos you need to tackle to finalize the split. Changing the locks should be one of those to-dos you accomplish first. This can help minimize some of the stress of not knowing when your newly divorced spouse will just pop over. When you replace the lock, you’ll have to schedule time together.

Fortunately, replacing a lock is relatively inexpensive. It provides you with added security and protection that an old lock that has been compromised can’t offer. Most locks can be replaced very quickly.

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