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Benefits of Keypad Locks for Your Home

January 26, 2017


Top 3 Benefits of Using Keypad Locks for Your Home

While there are many cases in which taking an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” attitude may be helpful, there are plenty of moments in which recognizing change and advancement can both simplify and improve your life. Switching from your standard pin tumbler lock to a keypad lock for your home is one of the moments. As technology continues to improve, the lock has seen little modification in the last century, but that is beginning to change. The keypad lock now provides a modern alternative to the standard pin tumbler lock. No longer reserved for big corporate offices or secret safes, keypad locks have become a great option for homeowners who are drawn to their safety, tech-compatibility, and convenience.

Benefit #1. Safety

For years, people have resorted to hiding spare keys under a rock, a flower pot, or a doormat for moments when someone needed to gain entry into their home without them, be it children home from school early or a neighbor who agreed to water the plants during a family vacation. Unfortunately, those hidden keys left homes more vulnerable to invasion. Hiding places had become so standard it would have been easy for any burglar to come and go as they pleased. With a keypad lock, the lock is just as visible as the pin and tumbler locks of the past, but without any key to hide, there is no key to find.

Where locks once opened only with the corresponding key, a keypad lock opens when a carefully selected code is entered. Keypad locks can be programmed with hundreds of different codes and can be changed in a single moment if you ever fear your code has been compromised. Additionally, many keypad locks come with an added safety feature of automatically locking behind you. Such a feature accounts for human error and removes any danger from potentially forgetting to lock the door when you leave. Gone are the days of sitting at your desk desperately trying to recall if you locked the door as you rushed to work.

Benefit #2. Tech-compatibility

If, however, you are someone who thinks about the safety of your home all day long, whether you locked the door or not, many keypad locks on the market today are so tech-friendly they can be connected directly to a security system that hooks up right to your smartphone. You can choose to receive alerts that tell you when someone has entered your home in real time as it happens. Some keypad locks even connect directly to video ready security systems that will provide you with a picture of whoever walks through your door.

Should you choose to, you can select a lock that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and unlocks automatically when you approach with your phone. Others operate with a key fob, requiring only that you have the key fob in close proximity to open your door. The key fob has become a frequently used device on cars in recent years, but the convenience of a front door key fob can be yours with the upgrade to a keypad lock.

Benefit #3. Convenience

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of all, is the convenience behind a keypad lock. We’ve all had moments where we approach the front door with our hands full of groceries, mail, work files, or just about anything. It seems it is always in this moment the house keys suddenly become hard to find. Whether buried in the bottom of a bag or stuck in a hard to reach pocket, when your hands are full, the simple act of opening the door becomes a near impossible task. Now, with a keypad lock, opening the door is easier than ever. Entering a short code with a single finger or waiting for that key fob to connect with your lock allows you entry into your home without any struggle.

Beyond that, most keypad locks offer the option to add in additional codes under the master code. That neighbor who once needed your hide-a-key to water plants can now receive a code from you at a moment’s notice. Have a friend visiting for the weekend? Add a new code for that too. Once restricted to making a copy of your key, or carefully planning a timed visit, you no longer have to worry about coordinating schedules for a key pass off.

Even reluctant keypad lock owners eventually warm to the convenience of it all. In his piece, “Ditch the Keys: It’s Time to Get a Smart Lock,” Glenn Derene explains why he and his skeptical wife are glad they switched to the keypad lock.

While a keypad lock may not be for everyone, after all, there is a certain charm to set of jangling keys, the added convenience, safety and tech-compatibility is hard to beat. In a world where we have become increasingly more attached to smartphones, why not keep the safety of your home in the palm of your hand too? Should you decide to make the move for a keypad lock, be sure to contact a reputable locksmith who’ll be able to effectively and securely install the lock allowing you to sleep in peace and step into the future with a lock meant for 21st century. As for the moments when you accidentally close a locked door behind you and leave the keys inside? Leave those in the past.

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