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Benefits of Keyless Deadbolts

August 25, 2016


Standard deadbolt locks have been around for a long time. But with innovations in technology and the need to reinforce the home security with more secure and advanced options, keyless deadbolts are gaining tremendous popularity. These keyless entry systems are able to counter the common challenges associated with more traditional or mechanical deadbolt locks, such as lost keys and resulting lockout.

Benefits of Keyless Deadbolts

Let’s find out what makes a compelling case for keyless deadbolt locks

Security and Convenience

  1. Freedom from keys. No fear of losing or misplacing your keys any more. No more fear of getting locked out of your house ever again. No need to keep an extra key hidden somewhere, where it has a full potential of falling in the hands of an intruder.
  2. Cost savings as you don’t need to spend money on getting locks replaced or rekeyed if you have lost your keys.
  3. Ease of access with punching in the PIN into a keypad or touchscreen. Extremely convenient for older people or people with special needs who would otherwise have to struggle with keys to gain access.
  4. More access control. You can easily share the code or even assign a temporary code to those you want to give access. These temporary codes are programmed to expire after a specified time. You don’t have to hide spare keys in unsafe places any more.
  5. You can easily and quickly change the password, if you fear it has been compromised.

Addition Features for added benefits

While security and convenience are indeed the biggest advantages of installing keyless deadbolts, there are other features available that make these electronic locks a great fit for today’s smart homes.

  1. Built-in alarm technology
  2. Wi-Fi enabled locks allows you to manage access from remote
  3. Seamless integration capabilities with other home security solutions
  4. Compatible with home automation systems
  5. Notification or alerts whenever your door is unlocked.

What You Should Know About Keyless Locks

  1. You need to change your code on a regular basis.
  2. Support your keyless access control with batteries to avoid a lockout if power goes out. You need to be careful about changing the battery too.
  3. Only share your password with people you know well and trust. Change your password after you have shared your codes with anyone.

Keyless Deadbolt Installation Austin

If you are planning to hire a locksmith to install keyless locks, always go for an experienced professional with good reputation. Texas Premier Locksmith Austin is your local, reputable locksmith services provider.

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  5. 24/7 residential locksmith for emergency lockout (lost, stolen or broken keys)

Residential Locksmith Services in Austin

  1. Home unlock/Lock out services
  2. Lock installation
  3. Lock repair and lock replacement
  4. Lock re-keying services
  5. Broken keys extraction
  6. Key duplication/Spare keys services
  7. High security locks installation
  8. Deadbolt locks installation
  9. Digital locks/Keyless entry system (Biometric locks, Smart locks, Digital keypad)
  10. Mortise locks installation
  11. Electric strike door locks installation
  12. Master key system installation
  13. Mailbox locks and keys services
  14. Windows, door and mailbox lock
  15. Garage door locks repair and installation
  16. Safe, vaults and cabinets lock and key repair
  17. Security camera installation
  18. Digital peephole camera installation
  19. CCTV system
  20. 24/7 residential locksmith services