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Biometric Locks and Access Control Austin

May 13, 2016


Call Texas Premier Locksmith at (512) 893-5811 for biometric locks installation and other integrated access control systems for your homes and offices. We specialize in access cards, RFID, magnetic swipe card reader, biometric locks and more.

With the advances in technology and fast adoption of digital access cards, the days of using physical keys may be just over. However, each technology revolution brings along its own share of threats, jeopardizing the security in one way or another. Whether in the form of borrowed passwords or stolen ID cards or any other type of ID fraud, it is still possible to breach the security. That’s where biometric locks offer great deal of convenience as well as ultimate level of security for both business owners as well as residents.

No wonder biometric locks are creating tremendous buzz and it looks like their popularity has reached beyond big government organizations, scientific firms and other private corporate giants. No longer the stuff of James Bond movies or other scientific thrillers, these access control devices have clearly made their way into homes and small firms. So, how exactly the biometric technology works and what makes it a better security measure over other traditional access control systems? Let’s find out.

The technology behind Biometric locks work by quantifying and scanning a person’s unique physical and also behavioural characteristics such as fingerprint, voice and retina. These inimitable traits are then converted into digital templates and stored. Needless to say these digital templates are unique for each person. So, when you scan your fingerprints on the device, it will verify this fresh input against the stored digital information. The access control system will only authorize the access if it is able to find a match, failing which access will of course be denied.

Different physical and behavioural traits can be used to make digital templates such as voice, retina, signature, finger print, face recognition, keystroke dynamics and even heart beat and veins too. However, not all are practical. Fingerprint readers or scanners are by far the most popular choice for typical residential and commercial access control as it is more practical, less invasive and definitely less costly than other biometric recognition methods.

Benefits of Biometric locks

  1. Improved security
  • Unique biometric data can’t be stolen, borrowed or transferred, basically a hard to forge technology
  • Minimize the opportunity for any fraud related to ID, for example buddy punching, using stolen or borrowed access cards, keys or passwords.
  • Easy to track the access of employees and other visitors
  • Restricted access to unwanted visitors
  • Restricted access to employees to the areas where sensitive data and information is stored.
  1. High level of convenience
  • Eliminate the need of carrying a bunch of keys
  • Never have to worry again about losing your keys and getting locked out of your home, office or shop. Also, when you lose your keys, you invariable have to get your locks either rekeyed or replaced.
  • Faster access
  • No need to remember passwords or multiple codes and change them frequently, which is important to avoid hacks.
  1. Easy to add or delete biometric data
  • It’s easy to add more employees or visitors by simply recording and storing their biometric data
  • Employee leaving the company? It’s equally easy to delete his or her information from the data to prevent future access.

Biometric locks work on batteries and some models come with an integrated LCD system that signals the time when you need to replace the batteries. Choose models that have batteries with long life.

In addition, newer versions also have the option of using a conventional key for use in emergency situation, for example when the battery is dead or there is some technical issue with the scanner and it fails to read the input provided by you.

Biometrics Locks Installation in Austin Texas

Install biometric locks and be ready to experience high level of convenience as well as enhanced security rolled into one, be it for business corporations or residential buildings. Call Texas Premier Locksmith in Austin at (512) 893-5811. We have over 15 years of experience in successfully installing, repairing, upgrading and integrating a full range of access control devices for homes and businesses – including biometric locks, electronic access control systems, electric strikes door locks, magnetic card readers, access cards, RFID, integrated CCTV surveillance systems, buzzers and standalone digital keypad.

  • Licensed, fully insured and trained technicians
  • High end access control security solutions that are flexible and scalable to meet future requirements.
  • 24/7 technical support

Our full range of access control solutions in Austin include:

  1. Biometric locks installation
  2. Proximity access control system
  3. Standalone digital keypad entry system
  4. IP based access control systems
  5. Magnetic swipe card reader
  6. Electric strike door locks
  7. CCTV surveillance solutions
  8. Security cameras
  9. RFID card readers
  10. Wireless access control system
  11. Buzzer systems
  12. 24/7 technical support
  13. Installation, maintenance and upgrades
  14. Integrated access control systems

Call Locksmith Austin at (512) 893-5811 for more information about our commercial and residential security solutions.