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Electric Strike Installation Austin

May 25, 2016


Texas Premier Locksmith in Austin provides professional electric strike installation & repair services. Call 512-893-5811 for end to end access control solutions for improved home & commercial security.

An electric strike is an electronic locking device that works with the help of electric power. It is commonly used along with different types of locksets or other access control systems such as card readers, remote fob key, buzzer or biometric enabled devices. When these devices are used, the action interrupts the flow of electric current and helps to unlock the door without needing to intervene manually to operate the door.

Electric strike provides improved level of security, ultimate level of access control as well as convenience. Considering so many benefits, it is easy to understand why electric strike door locks enjoy immense popularity among home and business owners. In addition, you can easily integrate electric strikes with other access control devices to add extra layers of security for your property. These locking devices are available in different configurations and this versatility makes them a right fit for many types of doors and door frames, and mechanical locksets including mortise locks, cylindrical locks and exit hardware.

Depending on the use, electric strike locks are available in either compact, low profile models or traditional electric strike locks meant for heavy duty applications. Depending on the mode of operation, electric strikes are available in fail-safe (that gets unlocked in the absence of power) and fail-secure (that remains locked even during the power outage) modes. While fail-secure electric strikes help to keep a check on unauthorized access, combining it with a mechanical lockset or panic bars gives the best result. This combination makes sure that people inside of the door can make a safe exit during any emergency situation.

Electric strikes installation in Austin Texas

When it comes to electric strike installation, the actual process starts with choosing the right model for the right door. In fact, there are many pre-requisites that need to be taken into account to get the best returns such as considering the type of door, latch and associated hardware, depth of the cavity to accommodate the lock, dimension of the door jamb and plate. You have to assess whether you want to install a fail-safe electric strike or a fail-secure electric strike.

Not to forget that installing an electric strike, be it a compact one or a traditional type, always requires significant amount of preparation and modification to the door that may involve drilling holes. That’s why you should hire a professional and experienced locksmith who understands the typical requirements and underlying complications involved in the electric strike installation, powering and repairing.

Call Texas Premier Locksmith Austin. Our technicians will assist you in the overall process of selecting the right electric strike according to your requirements.

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