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Can Locksmiths Fix the Lock on Your Safe?

October 31, 2019


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Close up safety Box Password in digital number and key to protected safe box system.

If you can’t unlock your safe, it can be frustrating to figure out what to do. Can you call your favorite locksmith to unlock it? What are your options? Will you have to throw out or break open the safe? This can be a complicated set of questions to answer. Here are some factors that will impact your options to fix the lock on a safe.

Locksmiths Can Open Some Safes

Generally, there are some safes that a locksmith can open. These include basic locks that utilize keys. It can be difficult to know if your safe has a standard locking mechanism and can be opened by a locksmith or if you’ll need to call a safe and vault technician. To know if your locksmith can open your particular safe, it is best to give them a call and ask. If you know the brand and model of the safe, the locksmith might be able to tell you over the phone if they won’t be able to help open your safe.

Safe and Vault Technicians

Locksmiths are not necessarily safe and vault technicians, although it is possible that a locksmith will opt to undergo additional training to learn about opening safes and vaults. Most of the time this is not the case. Becoming a safe and vault technician requires specialized training and ongoing education on the latest safe models and technologies. If a locksmith isn’t able to open your safe, expect to pay more to have a safe and vault technician open your safe. Typically, it is much more expensive to hire a safe and vault technician so opt for a locksmith whenever possible.

Costs Vary

No matter which type of service professional you choose to open your safe, the cost can vary depending on the type of safe it is and how difficult it will be to open. It can be difficult to provide an accurate price quote over the phone without being able to diagnose what is wrong with the safe. For more complicated cases, you can expect to pay more than a very simple fix.

Many Reasons Why a Safe Won’t Open

There are many different reasons why a safe won’t open. Sometimes a safe with a key needs lubrication or maintenance to work. In some cases, the door and lock to the safe will have to be sawed open to gain access to the contents of the safe.

Difference Between a Safe and a Lock Box

Although sometimes the terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between a safe and a lock box. A lock box has a lock, but is not as difficult to access. A safe is made from reinforced steel and has more complex locking mechanisms. Both safes and lock boxes can have electronic keypads, combination locks, or keys. In most instances, a professional residential locksmith will be able to fix a lock box opposed to a true safe.

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