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Can You Make Me A House Key If I Don’t Have The Original?

April 13, 2021


A duplicate key machine makes new keys

Have you lost your set of house keys? If that is the case, you might be wondering how you are going to get a new key. Sure, you probably know that a locksmith can make a copy of a key as long as you have the original. On the other hand, if you have lost your house keys, you don’t have the original key, right? What are you going to do? Fortunately, a locksmith can still make you a new key even without the original.

Locksmiths are trained in a variety of areas. Therefore, they can make a replacement key for you without access to the original. Using their unique expertise and a powerful set of tools, they can fashion a new key for your home that will work perfectly. There are a few common ways that a locksmith can cut a new key for your home without requiring the original copy.

A Locksmith Can Cut a Key Using a Code

First, physical keys are unique because of the spacing of their cuts and the depth of each individual cut. In a lot of situations, the manufacturer will stamp a certain character called a key code on the physical key. This may be located somewhere on the lock. This might also be written in the manual of the lock itself. These characters provide a professional locksmith with the information he or she needs to fashion you a new key for your home without requiring access to the original.

In general, a locksmith is going to use a tool called a code cutter. Then, they will combine this with an appropriate key blank to design a new key for your home. In some situations, the key may not come with any codes that the locksmith can use. Fortunately, the locksmith can also reach out to the manufacturer of the original lock or the retailer who has the appropriate information. If you are worried about this sensitive information getting out, it is only provided to a properly licensed locksmith. Therefore, your information is still appropriately protected.

A Locksmith Can Take an Impression of the Lock Itself

If a locksmith cannot get the information he or she needs from the retailer or a code located on the lock, a locksmith can still take an impression of the lock itself. In order to complete this task, the locksmith will require a file, a key blank, and a vice grip. Even though this is a challenging procedure, an experienced locksmith can still do this with relative ease. When a locksmith takes an impression of the lock, he or she is going to place the key blank into the lock itself. Then, the locksmith is going to turn the key to bind the pins within the cylinder of the lock itself. This binding process will allow the locksmith to determine exactly which sections of the key need to be filed down. That way, the key will work. Furthermore, the locksmith will also have to insert and remove the key from the lock multiple times in order to figure out exactly what cuts have to be made.

In order to produce an appropriate key, attention to detail is a must. In addition, there are different materials that can be used to make the new key. Some of the common examples include aluminum, brass, and steel. The locksmith has to know the durability of each of these materials so that the key does not break during the process. Otherwise, he or she will have to start over. By taking an impression of the physical lock, you can be provided with a new key for your home without needing the original.

A Locksmith Can Completely Disassemble the Lock

Locks come in many shapes and forms. It might not always be possible to impression the lock itself. Therefore, the locksmith May recommend that he or she disassemble your lock cylinder completely. Then, he or she can reverse-engineer a key using the pins that are inside the lock. This process is incredibly delicate, as it is easy to tear off the alignment of the internal mechanisms of the lock. In addition, if the lock is not taken apart carefully, it can be destroyed.

In order to properly disassemble the lock, a locksmith will have to pick the lock first. In some cases, this may not be possible if a broken key is jammed in the keyhole. If this is the case, the locksmith will have to use other methods.

After releasing the lock, the locksmith can take apart the individual pieces of the lock. This allows him or her to get a look at the internal mechanisms. Then, it will be possible to take a look at the cuts, pins, and other components in order to reverse engineer a key for your home. That way, you do not require the original in order to have a new set of keys.

Always Make Extra Copies of Your House Key

Once you have a new key for your home, it is important to make copies of it. Ideally, you should have at least three keys for your home. That way, if you lose one key in the future, you will be able to get into your home easily. Some homeowners decide to leave one copy of their house key with a trusted family friend. This could include a neighbor, someone down the street, or even a family member who you can reach out to quickly.

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