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How Much Does a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Cost?

March 9, 2021


A locksmith unlocking a car door using a lockpicker

Are you in need of emergency locksmith services? Whether you’ve locked your keys in your car or you’re locked out of the house, sometimes you need help right away. And oftentimes these things happen after hours when it’s difficult to find help. If you can find a locksmith that’s open late you might be in luck. But how much does a 24 hour emergency locksmith cost? 

The cost of emergency locksmith services varies based on a number of factors. But here’s a general idea of what you may pay. 

Average Cost of Emergency Locksmith Services

Here’s the general price range of emergency locksmith services by type: 

  • Automotive Lockout: $60-$150
  • Residential Lockout: $60-$200
  • Commercial Lockout:$60-$300
  • Change/Install/Repair Lock: $80-$100 per hour
  • Rekey Lock. $20-$50 

Where the actual price quote falls within this range is difficult to determine without getting an estimate from a locksmith. 

What Factors Into the Cost? 

The cost of 24 hour locksmith services will typically depend on the following factors:

  • The Type of Service You Need. Whether you’re locked out of your car, your house, or your place of business, the cost of the service may vary. Automotive, residential, and commercial services all have different challenges, requirements, and tools needed to help you get in. 
  • The Level of Security in Place. The more difficult it is to get into your car, house, or building, the higher the price will be. Part of the reason is that locksmiths bill by the hour, so the longer it takes, the higher the cost will be. Security systems, deadbolts, and other high security locks may cost more to get into. 
  • The Distance the Locksmith Must Travel. Another factor in the cost is how far away you are from the locksmith. If they have to come a long distance to help you, the cost may be higher. Some even charge based on the mileage they travel to get to you. 
  • The Time You Call. Any time after normal business hours will be considered an emergency service call, but there may be a higher cost for a locksmith to come out in the middle of the night rather than a weekend afternoon. 
  • Cost of Living in Your Area. Prices will vary from city to city across the country. City prices may be different from small town prices. Locksmiths generally keep their prices competitive with other locksmiths in the area. 

Your Safety is of the Utmost Importance in Any Emergency Lockout Situation

If you’re locked out of your car or home in an unsafe situation, be sure to seek shelter or help first before calling for locksmith services. You can always call the police to come and accompany you while you wait for locksmith services. If you’re locked out of your home, go to a neighbor’s house to wait if possible. Emergency locksmith services should respond quickly, but your safety in the meantime is of utmost importance. 

Texas Premier Locksmith Provides 24 Hour Emergency Services

How much does a 24 hour emergency locksmith cost? If you’re looking for one with reasonable prices, contact Texas Premier Locksmith. We’ve set our prices at the lower end of the range, making our services affordable when compared to other locksmiths in the area. We respond quickly to emergency calls no matter what time of the day or night. Our expertise allows us to get into high security locks of all kinds. 

Call (866) 948-8188 right away to request emergency services. We respond quickly to get you out of a jam and back into your car, house, or building.