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Five Great Reasons to Change Your Locks

January 28, 2016


Your door locks are a critical line of defense between your home or business and a potential unwanted intruder, so it only makes sense to ensure that they’re well maintained and in good working order. When properly maintained, door locks should last for about 20 years before they require replacement. But there are certain situations where you may need to have them replaced prior to this point. With that being said, here’s a look at five reasons you may need to change your door locks (aside from if they’re over 20 years old, of course):

  1. You lose your keys: If you’ve lost your house keys, changing your door locks should be one of the first things you do – even if you found them or they were returned a day or two later. You never know who had them or if they were stolen. What’s more is that with how easy and affordable it is to make copies these days, you can never be too careful.
  2. You’ve moved: It’s difficult to know just how many spare keys the previous owner had made – and who has them. It could be relatives, friends, neighbors – anyone. And while you might perceive the previous owner as a trustworthy individual, the fact is that you don’t know their relatives and friends. Again, better safe than sorry.
  3. There was a break-in: While break-ins or attempted break-ins are unfortunate, they are good reminders that perhaps your door locks were inadequate and your home security wasn’t up to snuff. Make use of this unfortunate situation and improve your home security, starting with new, more secure door locks.
  4. Separation: You know what they say – breaking up is hard to do. And while a split from your significant other may seem amicable on the surface, it can be anything but deep down. Emotions can run high, possessions can become a point of contention and things can get downright dirty. Simply avoid all this potential chaos by changing the door locks.
  5. You’ve made many copies: Your children have copies to let themselves in the house after school. You loaned a copy to the repair man. Your neighbors have one. So does a good friend who has lost touch with your family. If you’re in a situation where you’ve made – and distributed – a bevy of spare keys out, play it safe and have the locks changed. Kids lose keys, who knows what the repair man did with his and you’re not as trustworthy as you used to be when it comes to your former friend. Don’t take chances.

As you can see, there are a variety of situations when changing door locks makes sense, whether it’s to be proactive or reactive. And while you can do this task yourself, it’s always recommended that you hire a professional locksmith. A locksmith can provide you with all of your door lock options and give recommendations based on your situation, as well as install the new locks in a timely, efficient manner. For more information, contact Texas Premier Locksmith today!