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Smart Ways to Hide Your Spare House Keys

February 8, 2016


Hiding spare keys in common, convenient places give burglars an easy access too. While the practice of hiding spare keys is risky in itself but many people still do it to avoid an emergency lockout if they happen to lose or misplace their keys. And if you must hide a spare key, why make a burglar’s job easy? As opposed to breaking and entering, using a spare key is the easiest and the most convenient way to attempt a burglary and possibly one of the most successful too. Let’s try to uncover the worst places and suggest a few best places to hide your spare house keys.

Worst places to hide your keys:

  1. Under a flower pot placed near your front door.
  2. Under your welcome doormat.
  3. Under a poorly placed pretend rock.
  4. Inside or under a garden gnome.
  5. Inside the outdoor bin.

Best places to hide your keys:

  1. In the dog house if your dog stays outdoor.
  2. In the landscaping. Place the key inside a plastic bag and bury it in the mulch. You can even place it inside a container and glue a small rock on the top of the lid before burying it in a hole just deep enough to hide the container.
  3. Inside the wind chime. Better still, use an entire bunch of dummy keys except for one key that is real. If there are two things robbers hate, they are noise and spending too much time on the property. This method will accomplish both.
  4. Use a magnetized locks box or a key vault to hide your key safely within.
  5. Leave your keys with a trusted neighbor.

However, a secret hiding place works only till the time it is a secret. There are chances that someone must have noticed you retrieving your keys from your special hiding place. It is best to keep changing the place and be innovative in your thinking. And another important safety precaution is to replace your old locks or rekey locks often. Security experts recommend doing this, especially if you must leave a spare key to give access to friends, maintenance people, real-estate agent etc. If you are looking to hire a professional residential locksmith in Austin, call Austin Premier Locksmith right away.

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