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How Much Does it Cost for a Locksmith to Rekey Your House?

December 14, 2020


Do you need to change your home locks? Depending on the reason you need to change the locks, rekeying may be an option. Replacing locks and rekeying locks are two different procedures. 

  • Replacing locks. This procedure involves changing out the hardware of the lock itself, such as the deadbolt or doorknob lock. The locking mechanism will be completely replaced with a new one. 

Replacing your locks may be necessary if one is broken or old and becoming difficult to maneuver. You may also replace your locks with more secure locks if you are concerned about a break-in. 

  • Rekeying locks. Instead of replacing the lock completely, rekeying simply changes the tumblers inside of the lock so that a new key is required and the old key no longer works. 

You may want to rekey your locks if you want the old key to stop working, such as in the case of a break-up or divorce, an eviction, or the termination of an employee. 

Rekeying your locks has one major advantage over replacing your locks: it costs less. How much does it cost for a locksmith to rekey your house? And how does that compare with having a locksmith replace your locks? Let’s break it down. 

Average Cost of Hiring a Locksmith to Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying can be as low as $20 per cylinder. The cost per home can range from $100-$200 depending on how many locking doors you have. Because the hardware doesn’t have to be replaced, the cost is much lower than replacing locks and deadbolts. 

Average Cost of Hiring a Locksmith to Install New Locks

Lock installation ranges anywhere from $85-$100 per hour. Depending on how long it takes to replace all of your locks, the cost can go up quickly. Replacing your locks yourself could save you money, but may not be as secure as having the job done by a professional locksmith. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith to Rekey Your Home

There are many benefits to hiring a locksmith to rekey your locks, such as:

  • Avoid mistakes. Trying to rekey your locks yourself often leads to ruining the lock entirely. Then you have no choice but to purchase new locking mechanisms and hardware when you could have saved yourself the hassle and cost by hiring a professional locksmith. 
  • Ensure security. When you have a security reason for rekeying your locks, you want to be sure the old key will no longer work. Hiring a professional ensures that your locks are truly rekeyed for enhanced security. 
  • Save money. By having your locks rekeyed rather than replaced, you save some money and achieve the same security results you were looking for. 

Locksmiths have specialized equipment that allows them to rekey your locks and make a new key to fit. You can get as many copies of your new key as you would like and be sure to only give them to people you trust. 

Texas Premier Locksmith Offers Affordable Residential Rekeying Services 

Looking for a Houston locksmith to rekey your home locks? Texas Premier Locksmith provides residential rekeying services to Houston and the surrounding area. We can send a locksmith out to your home to rekey your locks for less than the cost of replacing them. As long as your locks are still in good condition and operating properly, rekeying is an ideal way to secure your home. 
How much does it cost for a locksmith to rekey your house? Call (800) 948-8188 or contact us for a quote. We make it affordable to secure your home so you can have peace of mind and protect your loved ones.