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How Much Is It to Get a New Key From a Locksmith?

January 20, 2021


Keys on a keyring hanging on the wall

Are you in need of a new key or a set of keys for your house, car, or building? If so, you are probably wondering, how much is it to get a new key from a locksmith? The rate for key duplication and other key services varies greatly from one situation to another. It also varies from one locksmith to another. Here’s what you can expect from an Austin locksmith

Cost of Automotive Keys

Vehicles come with a range of different types of keys. The newer the vehicle, the more secure the key, and the more expensive it will be to replace. Whether you lost your car keys or just need a spare, the average range is between $95 and $125. Here’s the average cost you can expect for each type:

  • Laser cut keys: $95-$165
  • Transponder/computer chip keys: $90-$120
  • Keyless Remotes/Remote Head Keys: $125 – $285
  • Proximity Keys/Fobik Keys: $225 – $425

Specialty keys and high security keys cost more to replace or duplicate. Even a basic laser cut key costs more to duplicate than a traditional key. However, you will likely find local locksmiths’ prices to be lower than what you would pay at the dealership for a new set of keys.  

Cost of Residential Keys

Traditional residential keys don’t cost much to duplicate, if that’s the only service you require. However, if you lost your house key or experienced a break-in and you want to change your locks for security, the cost will be a bit more. Here’s what you can expect to pay for installation of new locks with new keys:

  • Basic lock repair and installation: $85 per hour
  • High security locks: $85 – $225
  • Pick resistant lock: $65 – $125
  • Entry gate locks: $125 – $465
  • Screen door locks: $45 – $125
  • Keyless deadbolts: $45
  • Decorative Handle Sets: $145 – $465
  • Sliding door lock: $45
  • Bars and gate locks: $65 – $125

It is usually a good idea to change your locks and get new keys if your key was lost, because you can never be sure it was actually lost and not stolen. 

Cost of Commercial Keys

Duplicating keys for a commercial building is usually not too expensive, but it depends on the type of key. And if you need to replace the locks on your building, whether an ex-employee never turned in their keys or if you have any reason to question the security, it’s always best to be safe. Here’s the cost of commercial lock replacement with new keys:

  • New locks installation: $85 per hour
  • I/C core: $85 – $125
  • Mortise systems: $85 per hour
  • Door closer: $85 per hour
  • Master key systems: Starting at $30 per cylinder

For security reasons, it’s usually a good idea to replace the locks every few years, especially if keys are given out to many different people. 

Cost of Rekeying Locks

Instead of replacing all of your locks, you can save money by having your locks rekeyed. Rekeying involves changing the tumblers inside of the lock so that a new key can be used and old ones will no longer work. Average cost for rekeying:

  • Automotive: $45-$65 per cylinder
  • Residential and Commercial: Starts at $20 per cylinder 

Rekeying provides security without the cost of replacing all of your locks. However, if your locks were showing signs of age or if they were damaged in a break-in, replacement is the better option. 

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