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How to Program a Key Fob

May 17, 2022


Close up of man unlocking his car on rainy weather.

As the world around us continues to grow and evolve with its technology, we encounter more amenities that just make life easier – especially when it comes to our automobiles. Just as power locks, power windows, and heated seats changed what we expect from our vehicles, the addition of key fobs has done the same. 

It’s pretty safe to say that we depend on our key fob. This is why knowing what to do when it doesn’t work can be very helpful. 

What is a Key Fob?

A key fob is an electronic device that provides you with many conveniences, such as controlling your car’s doors, alarm, trunk, and remotely starting your car from afar. So, what happens when you are trying to unlock your doors and they don’t seem to be responding? Your key fob could be malfunctioning. 

The good news is that most of the time when a key fob stops working, it is rather easy to get them up and going again. That’s right – you may be able to reprogram your key fob yourself so that you don’t get stuck having to get into your car the old-fashioned way. 

Programming a Key Fob

It is important to note that different models of automobiles have different ways of programming their key fobs. Below, we’ve got step-by-step instructions on how to program a key fob for most cars. If this method does not work for you, then you may have to search for specific information based on your car’s make and model. 

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Replace the battery in your key fob. Before you take the time to try all the reprogramming steps, the key fob may have stopped working simply because the battery died. If you replace it and find that it is still not working, move on to step 2. 

Step 2: Get in your car. Sit down in the driver’s seat with all of your car doors closed. You will want to have your key fob and car keys with you.  

Step 3: Start the ignition. Place your key in the ignition and turn the car on so that your car’s electrical systems power on. Do not start your vehicle’s engine. 

Step 4: Press the lock button on your key fob. Holding the key fob, please the lock button. It may help to aim it at the front of the car.

Step 5: Turn your ignition off. You want to shut down the electrical systems in your car. 

Step 6: Repeat. You will want to repeat the process of turning on the ignition switch, hitting the lock button on the key fob, and then turning the ignition off – do this about 4 times. 

Step 7: Listen for the locks. Once your key fob is successfully programmed, you will hear the locks in your car respond to the key fob’s command. This means you have entered into programming mode. To secure it, quickly press the lock button one more time. 

Step 8: Test it out. Once you believe you have successfully programmed your key fob, get out of the car and test it out. Try locking and unlocking the vehicle, pop the trunk, and so forth. With any luck, you should be holding a programmed key fob. 

The Benefit of a Locksmith

As easy as it may seem to reprogram your key fob, technology is, well, technology. Should you find your key fob unresponsive to your attempts to reprogram, you may need to call in the experts. 

At Texas Premier Locksmith, we are here for you – day and night. And we can help you regain all the conveniences that come with having a working key fob. Contact us today at (866) 948-8188.