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Interesting Types of Home Locks Used in Europe

May 23, 2019


Euro profile locks are, as the name suggests, popular in Europe—especially the United Kingdom. However, they are rarely used in the United States. If you have ever wondered about these types of home locks, here is what you should know.

European Door Locks

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are not uncommon. In the United States, they are often found in mortise locks. What makes the Euro profile unique is its cross-sectional nature (also used in the Swiss and British oval profile locks). Cylinder locks are not uniquely specialized for any particular use, but they have a huge advantage in that removing the lock does not require the bolt work to be changed.

Features of a Euro Profile Lock

Core: European keyways are often paracentric, which means that the wards on the face of the keyway extend past its center. At the opposite extreme, some European keyways are quite wide and rectangular in shape. The core of a Euro profile lock typically contains either a pin and tumbler or a dimple configuration.

Revolving Cam: A cam, or actuator, is a piece of the lock that rotates when the key is turned. On a Euro profile lock, it may be made of metal or hard plastic. Some are designed to work only on one side of the door at a time.

Fixing Hole: A fixing hole is the gap in the lock that allows it to be secured in the door with a fixing secure. The lock is only as strong as the strength of this section.

Lock Body: A Euro profile lock contains a rectangular gap in its body where the cam is held in place with C-clips. It separates two different cores that may be keyed the same or differently.

Security Features: Like American locks, some Euro profile locks have extra security features. These include anti-snap cuts, anti-drill protection, and other elements designed to enhance the integrity of the lock.

Like all locks, Euro profile locks are not impervious to a determined burglar. However, paracentric locks made of strong metal and enhanced with security features can provide a powerful first line of defense. In tandem with a complete home security system, these locks can be quite reliable and secure.

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