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Is it time to replace your locks?

March 11, 2016


Security experts believe that you must change or replace your locks on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the security of your property by controlling the distribution of spare keys. At one point or another, we all have handed out our extra pair of keys to give easy access to friends, families and even relatively unknown third party like may be your maintenance guy. Even if you are confident that there are no spare keys floating around, there are many other situations that call for replacing your locks immediately.

  1. Lost or misplaced your house keys.
  2. Moved into a new house.
  3. Lost your spare keys.
  4. Changed your maintenance services company
  5. Separated from your partner or undergoing divorce.
  6. Your locks looks damaged and fragile and show signs of wear and tear.
  7. Had a break in or attempted break in
  8. Your roommate moved out
  9. Your children have the copies of your house keys

Always hire a professional locksmith to replace your locks. Professional locksmiths are better trained to do the job efficiently. They undergo trainings and are usually on top of the modern locking technologies and understand all the underlying challenges that are involved in installing different types of locks.

Looking for locks replacement services in Austin?  Austin Premier Locksmith offers a wide range of residential locksmith services in Austin that includes new locks installation, locks replacement rekeying, emergency lockout and security solutions installation, repair and maintenance. We have all the right tools and equipment required to install the advanced and sophisticated locking systems. Not only that, our residential locksmiths in Austin are highly experienced and have the adaptability to work with different types of doors and locks that may need complicated installation procedures.

Calling a professional, local locksmith like Locksmith Austin will save you time and money. A lock replacement done right will help you avoid any costly rework not to mention the frustration and inconvenience. We specialize in installing single and double deadbolts, smart deadbolts, high security locks, mortise locks, cylinder locks, electric strikes, maglocks, garage door locks. We have high technical expertise in installing and repairing hi-tech digital or keyless entry systems such as biometric locks and smart phones enabled locks.

Locksmith Austin is your best residential locksmith in Austin Texas. We are available 24 x 7 and all our locksmiths are licensed, certified and fully insured to give you expert, reliable services at very affordable prices. We are a full service locksmith providing commercial, residential, automotive and motorcycle services in the Austin metro.