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How to Properly Secure Your House

September 17, 2018


Even the best locks cannot fully protect your home. To make your home security the best it can be, it is important to take proactive steps. Here are a few tips to properly secure your house.

How to Properly Secure Your House

Make It a Routine

Everyone in your home, including children, should know how to follow simple home security rules. Hold a house meeting to set the rules, and keep everyone accountable for following them:

Lock all doors and windows when leaving the house or going to bed

Never open the door to unexpected strangers

Keep the garage door closed and locked

Secure your home even when working or socializing out in the yard

Always set the alarm when leaving, even for a short trip

Have an Assessment

Your municipal police department may offer a complimentary home security inspection. If not, many locksmiths will perform this service for a minimal fee. The goal is to identify security weaknesses and get suggestions on how to fix them.

Stage a Burglary

Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to spend three minutes in your home, “stealing” as many small valuables as possible. This will help you identify poor hiding spots and lazy habits that need to be corrected. Then find better ways to secure your valuables, such as a floor safe or an off-site safe deposit box.

Relocate “Hidden” House Keys

Everyone knows the common places to “hide” a spare key, such as under the welcome mat or inside the mailbox. Either think of a truly novel hiding spot or ask a trusted neighbor to keep a spare key for you.

Hide Your Keys Inside

A hook by the door might be a convenient place to keep the keys you use every day, but if it is visible from outside, it is attractive to burglars. Find a spot that cannot be seen from outside or better yet, choose a cabinet or other spot that is not immediately visible from inside your home either.

Add Visual Deterrents

Security cameras, Beware of Dog signs, and other prominently displayed deterrents could convince a burglar not to attempt to enter your home. Even if the camera doesn’t work or you have no dog, a burglar won’t know the difference.

Clean Up Outside

Cut back shrubbery, lock up the ladder, install motion sensor lights near the doors, and put your porch lights on timers. The goal is to remove any tools or dark spots that would-be burglars could use to gain access.

Assess Your Window and Door Locks

Make sure the locks on your windows are operational. If you like to open the windows, consider aftermarket locks that allow them to lock while open a few inches. Also make sure your door locks are up to date and working well. Consider adding floor bolts or aftermarket locks to sliding doors to improve their security.

True home security requires a multi-pronged approach. Get your family on board, have a home security analysis, make upgrades where needed, and commit to good security habits. Remember, the goal is not to make your home burglar-proof, but to make it an unattractive target for would-be thieves.

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