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Tips to Improve Front Door Security

July 11, 2016


Your front door is the strategic point of access to your house. Any loophole or weak point is an invitation to the burglars. Are you sure the entry point of your home is as secure as it looks? If you are looking to improve the security of your front door, there is a lot you can do and that too without spending a fortune.

  1. Invest in a solid door

This is self-explanatory. A solid door made of high quality material provides security many time over than a low quality one. You can replace your hollow door with a metal, solid wood, solid wood core or a fibreglass door. Doors made of strong, resilient material are resistance to kicking and breaking.

  1. Install a heavy duty deadbolt lock

Installing a high quality deadbolt lock is a cost effective option that will add value to your overall security system. There are of course many other high -tech options that will enhance the security of your home but experts suggest that a deadbolt lock with a grade 1 security rating installed on the front door is the first and critical line of defence against intruders.

Make sure that the deadbolt extends into the door jamb and don’t forget to replace existing strike plates with a solid deep pocket metal strike that is firmly affixed into the wall stud situated behind the doorjamb with the help of 3-inch screws. Also check that the lock shouldn’t have any visible screws.

  1. Install wide-angle peephole camera (digital viewer)

While latest home security gadgets, locks and strong doors are indeed very effective, are you prepared for a burglar who simply rings your door bell to gain entry? How do you ensure you only provide access to people you know? Installing a wide angle peephole camera allows you to discreetly screen your visitors and let you decide if you want to open the door for them or not. Digital peephole cameras are easy to install and remarkably easy to use even by the elderly and kids.

  1. Invest in a porch light or motion detection light

A well-lit front door and even garage area can be a strong deterrent to criminals. Dark areas are perfect spots for burglars to hide and make their move at the next opportune moment. Motion detection lights are also a great option that will alert you of any suspicious, unexpected movement.

  1. Rekey locks

Whether you have moved into a new house or have lost your spare key, rekeying your locks is one measure that will make sure no one else has access to your home besides you. If you happen to share your spare keys often with any third party including friends, service people, contractors, baby sitters etc., you should rekey your locks regularly.

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