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Locksmiths & Duplicating Keys

February 6, 2020


making keys

There are many professional services that involve giving a certain degree of trust to the person or business you hire. When you sit in the dentist’s chair, you trust that they’re not going to go rogue on you and pull a tooth that’s perfectly healthy. With house cleaners, you trust they won’t snoop through your belongings; you expect babysitters won’t be texting their friends instead of interacting with your kids; when you eat at a restaurant, you believe the cooks are following best practices for food safety. And then there’s locksmiths: you trust that your locksmith will not use your keys to enter your property without permission.

It might sound a little silly to say it out loud, but that’s a concern some of our customers have. It’s even a concern that can prevent people from hiring a residential locksmith, prompting them to spend hours trying to change locks themselves instead of reaching out for help. They just have that nagging little doubt that, while it’s very unlikely that something would happen, it’s possible that something could.

Do locksmiths keep a cabinet full of keys? 

No! First of all, it would be impractical. Some customers are under the impression that when we make a spare set of keys, we keep a set for ourselves as well––“just in case.” If we did that, we’d quickly run out of room simply because we see so many customers each week. There’s absolutely no reason for us to keep a copy on hand. If you lose your key and you don’t have another copy, you can’t contact us for one––we don’t have it. (We can, of course, still help you out. Just not by providing you with your key.)

Liability of Keeping Keys

Second, keeping all those keys onsite would present a significant liability for us. If those keys got into the wrong hands, we’d be responsible. That’s not a risk we’re willing to take. And because there’s no practical reason for us to have the keys on hand, there’s no benefit to offset this risk.

Duplicating Keys is Quick

Third, creating a key is such a quick, easy process that customers usually stand right across from us as we do it. You give us your key and we trace its pattern on a blank key. You see the entire process in front of your eyes, so you can see that we’re not making a second copy for ourselves. If we did, you’d surely notice.

Keeping Repeat Customers

Finally, our livelihoods as locksmiths depend on our customers trusting us. We have no interest in violating that trust because if we did, we’d be out of a job. As locksmiths, we’re all about keeping our customers safe and secure in their homes––doing anything less is anathema to who we are as professionals.

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