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6 Types of Locks a Locksmith Won’t Open

February 3, 2020


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There are many different types of locks available for residential and commercial use. While locksmiths are able to open a wide range of locks, there are some locks that they may not be able to open. Here is an overview of six types of locks that a locksmith won’t typically open.


The skills and tools required to open a safe are different than other types of locks. Not all locksmiths are able to open safes. If you need a safe opened, be sure to check that your locksmith is able to open it before you have them dispatched to your residence. If they are unable to open it, they may be able to refer you to someone who can.


Much like a safe, vaults require specialized tools and knowledge. Many banks that operate vaults only work with designated technicians. There are many protocols in place. Generally, a locksmith will not be able to open a vault.


Not all locksmiths are able to open all types of smartlocks. It will depend on the brand of the lock and the experience of the locksmiths. Opening a malfunctioning smartlock takes some IT experience. If you are having problems with a smart lock, ask your local locksmith if they will be able to provide service for it.

Rare or Complicated Locks

Some rare or especially complicated locks cannot be opened by a locksmith without damaging the lock itself. This includes vintage locks and high-level security locks. If the locksmith is unable to open the lock, they can discuss with you your options for accessing what’s on the other side of the lock.

Thumbprint or Visual Recognition

Like smartlocks, thumbprint or visual recognition locks require someone familiar with IT and cybersecurity. While some locksmith services may offer this, most will not. Those that do likely only have one or two locksmiths trained to work on such locks.

Unpickable Locks

Some locks are advertised as being unpickable locks. If this is truly the case, your locksmith may not be able to use regular tools to open it. To open this kind of lock, the lock itself may need to be replaced. The extra time required to pick an unpickable lock may require additional service charges for the time spent to do so.

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