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What are Locksmith Costs in Dallas, TX?

March 27, 2020


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Locked out of your house or car? It’s a frustrating situation to find yourself in. You need to call a locksmith, but you’re worried about the cost. Affordable locksmith services are available in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area. But how much does a Dallas locksmith actually cost? The price depends on the type of service you need. 

Residential Locksmith Services

Are you in need of locksmith services for your home? There are quite a few different scenarios that could result in the need to call a locksmith to your home. Maybe you’ve been locked out of the house because you forgot or lost your key, or you need to change or rekey the locks due to a break-in or a domestic situation such as divorce. You may just need an extra house key or two made so that everyone in the home has a key or so that you can give a key to a trusted friend or neighbor. Whatever the reason, here are some common residential locksmith services and the cost associated with each. 

  • Locks installed & repaired $85 per hour
  • Re-key & master system – Starting at $20 per cylinder
  • High security locks $85 – $225
  • Pick resistance lock $65 – $125
  • Marshall evictions – $150 – $250
  • Fast lockout service $60 – $90
  • Entry gates locks $125 – $465
  • Screen doors locks $45 – $125
  • Keyless deadbolts $45
  • Decorative Handle Sets $145 – $465
  • Sliding door lock $45
  • Bars and gates locks $65 – $125

Prices may vary based on the situation. We will provide you with an estimate and wait for your approval before performing any services. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

If you own a business you know the importance of security. You need a Dallas locksmith who offers a full range of locksmith services for commercial buildings. You may need to replace the locks after a break-in or due to a terminated employee who never turned in their keys. Maybe you need lock installation on a new building. You may even be accidentally locked out of your own building. Whatever the reason, commercial locksmith services are available in Dallas at the following rates:

  • Lock installation: $65/hour plus the cost of materials
  • Rekey of any lock type: $20 per cylinder
  • New locks installation $85 per hour
  • I/C core $85 – $125
  • Mortise systems – $85 per hour
  • Door closer – $85 per hour
  • Panic bars – Starting at $125
  • Safes – $125 – $225 per hour
  • File cabinets $45 – $65
  • Lockout service $60 – $90
  • Master key systems – Starting at $30 per cylinder

Prices may vary based on the situation. We will provide you with an estimate and wait for your approval before performing any services. 

Automotive Locksmith Services

Locked out of your car? Or perhaps you’ve lost your keys and don’t have spare? Affordable automotive locksmith services are available in Dallas. With advancements in technology, car keys have become more difficult to duplicate and being locked out of your car is a more difficult problem to correct. Professional locksmith services are more necessary than ever before. Calling the dealership is not your only option. Save money by calling a Dallas locksmith. Prices for automotive locksmith services:

  • Emergency vehicle opening $60 – $90
  • Lockout service $60 – $90
  • Emergency trunk opening $60 – $90
  • Replacement of lost keys $95 – $125
  • Keys cut on the spot $95 – $125
  • Removal of broken keys $70 -$100
  • Repair and replacement of all auto locks $120 – $450
  • High Security Vehicles $90 – $120
  • GM VATS Keys $185 – $285
  • Transponder “computer chip” keys $90 – $120
  • Rekeying service $45 – $65 per cylinder
  • Cutting keys on the spot $90 – $120
  • Repair and replacement of ignition locks $125 – $465
  • Keyless Remotes And Remote Head Keys $125 – $285
  • Proximity Keys And Fobik Keys $225 – $425
  • Laser Cut Keys $95 – $165

Prices may vary based on the situation. We will provide you with an estimate and wait for your approval before performing any services.

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