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Locksmith Services During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

June 17, 2020


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It seems that coronavirus has had an impact on everything. It has changed our lives in many different ways, one of which is the fact that we think twice before we seek out any type of service beyond our own front door. Speaking of doors, one of the services that you may require during this time is locksmith services, and the good news is that Texas Premier Locksmith is open and operating. 

While it may seem as if the world has stopped, lock-related emergencies don’t. Though you may be driving less, it is still possible to lock your keys in your car by accident, especially when your routine has changed. For example, you stop and set your keys down as you’re putting on your mask on the way into the grocery store, then get out and shut the door which locks behind you with your keys inside. Or maybe you haven’t left the house in so long that you forget your keys as you’re walking out and lock yourself out of the house. These occurrences are even more common these days and locksmiths are here to help.

Emergency Cases are Top Priority

During this time of limitations due to coronavirus, emergencies are given precedence over non-emergencies. If you have an emergency situation, such as getting locked out of your car or house, you can still get help from a locksmith. 

Other services such as key cutting, rekeying, replacing computer chip keys, and other routine locksmith services are also available with plenty of safety precautions taken. Safety precautions include 6 foot distancing when possible, wearing gloves, washing and sanitizing hands and surfaces, wearing masks, and using contact-free payment methods.  

Be Prepared Before You Call 

Have you ever wondered what prevents criminals from calling locksmiths to let them into a car or house that doesn’t belong to them? Proof of ownership is required in order to get a locksmith to open any locked vehicle or house. For a home, proof of ownership can be as simple as an ID and a bill with a matching address. For a vehicle, you’ll need your ID and a matching registration or insurance card. It’s important to have all the information you need before you call a locksmith. 

Information to Tell the Locksmith When You Call

In addition to having your identification and proof of ownership, there are some pieces of information that are very useful to your locksmith. By giving this information over the phone before the locksmith responds to your call, you can save some time. When you first call the locksmith, tell them:

  • The Type of Lock. Is it a padlock, a deadbolt, a smart lock, a remote entry, or some other type of lock? Let your locksmith know so they can be sure they are equipped to handle your needs. 
  • The Brand of Lock. If you know the brand of the lock you need opened it can help your locksmith to bring the right equipment and tools to best help you. 
  • If You Have the Key. Is the key stuck in the lock but won’t turn? Did the key break off in the lock? Let your locksmith know if either of these situations has occurred so they can bring the necessary tools and equipment. 
  • Any Alternative Entryways. Obviously if you could get in through a different door you already would have, but some locked doors are easier to access than others. Your locksmith may have an easier time getting you in through a back or side door with a different type of lock. **Important safety tip: do not try to climb into your home through a window or any other potentially dangerous entry point.**

Support a Local Business: Call Texas Premier Locksmith 

Coronavirus and the associated closings have negatively affected many local small businesses. If you’re interested in supporting the businesses in your community, call Texas Premier Locksmith anytime you are in need of locksmith services. We provide residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services of all kinds, including safes. 

Call (866) 948-8188 today to get a quote or request services. We respond quickly to emergencies and look forward to assisting you with your lock and key needs.