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7 Times to Call 911 Instead of a Locksmith

If you are locked out of your home, car, or some other area, it is usually just an inconvenience. You call a locksmith and follow the typical steps to get back in. If you have locked your keys in your car and are stranded with no ride or if you’re locked out of your...

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What are Locksmith Costs in Dallas, TX?

Locked out of your house or car? It’s a frustrating situation to find yourself in. You need to call a locksmith, but you’re worried about the cost. Affordable locksmith services are available in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area. But how much does a Dallas locksmith...

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Locksmiths & Duplicating Keys

There are many professional services that involve giving a certain degree of trust to the person or business you hire. When you sit in the dentist’s chair, you trust that they’re not going to go rogue on you and pull a tooth that’s perfectly healthy. With house...

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6 Types of Locks a Locksmith Won’t Open

There are many different types of locks available for residential and commercial use. While locksmiths are able to open a wide range of locks, there are some locks that they may not be able to open. Here is an overview of six types of locks that a locksmith won't...

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What Information Do You Need to Call a Locksmith

If you need to call a locksmith because you are locked out of the house or car, there is some information that you will need to provide while requesting service and when the locksmith arrives on site. Some of this information will vary based on the specific situation,...

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Can Locksmiths Fix the Lock on Your Safe?

Close up safety Box Password in digital number and key to protected safe box system. If you can’t unlock your safe, it can be frustrating to figure out what to do. Can you call your favorite locksmith to unlock it? What are your options? Will you have to throw out or...

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What to Do If Your Key Gets Stuck in the Door?

When you least expect it, your key can get stuck in your door. It can seem like an impossible task to get the key back out. Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can use to get your key out of your door and to repair the lock so it doesn’t happen again. Use...

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Should Your Deadbolt and Door Lock Open with the Same Key?

When homeowners move into their new property for the first time, it is a smart idea to have the keys changed over. For homes with deadbolts and separate door locks, many homeowners wonder if they should have the locks keyed to use one key for both locks or to have...

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How to Reset Your Keyless Entry System

How to Reset Your Keyless Entry System Keyless entry has become a regular feature for both cars and homes. It’s a convenient and often safer way to protect your major investments. The extra security can often give a sense of added comfort. No more lost or stolen keys...

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How Keys Work to Unlock Locks

How Keys Work to Unlock Locks We all have a set of keys. One for home, two for the car, another for work, plus perhaps our mailbox, safe, or even storage space keys. Our key rings are full of them so that our things can be locked away safely and securely, yet we may...

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